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Our Deposit and Cancellation Policies

~Excerpted language from our standard Villa Confirmation for OUR 60+ managed Homes.

With your signature and deposit, your reservation is confirmed.  We have the # of adults and # of children above staying overnight at this property. Infants in cribs do not count. All villas are licensed and inspected and exceeding the legal occupancy risks eviction with no refund.

All the villas require the signing guest be at least 25 years old.

CHECK-IN time is 3PM & CHECK-OUT time is 10 AM unless otherwise agreed


  1. We charge 50% of the rental rate upon receipt of a signed rental agreement. The remaining balance including all taxes, fees, and refundable deposits is charged to the credit card on file 60 days prior to arrival.


  1. Once “booked” (paid 50% of Rental Charge), should guest cancel (by written email or fax) prior to paying the full rental amount (or prior  to 60 days from occupancy), 25% of the rental charge will be returned by US$ draft as soon as possible. Should GCV be able to replace the  reservation, the balance of the initial deposit will be returned less any re-booking costs and/or credit card fees incurred. Should GCV not be able to replace the reservation, the remaining 25% is forfeited.
  2. Once full payment has been made (or the 60 day mark has passed and the guest has not paid the balance), should guest cancel, every effort will be made to replace the reservation. Should the reservation be replaced, the guest will receive 100% of monies paid less rebooking charges/credit card fees incurred. Should GCV not be able to replace the reservation, all funds will be forfeited: however, guest will receive a credit for 50% of amounts paid to be used for a subsequent stay at the  same property to be taken within 13 months of the date of cancellation. We strongly advise the purchase of CSA trip interruption insurance to indemnify the risk of cancellation, weather delay, airline interruption,  medical/military reason for non-travel, etc. To be clear: once the 60 day  mark has been reached, there will be no funds returned unless the  reservation is replaced in full.


These are expensive vacations when you include airfare, and we ask that you please take the time to click/read the link on CSA trip interruption/medical/dental insurance. Medicare stops at the border, so do many health plans. This is not just “trip insurance;” there are many benefits. CSA also offers you a “10-day free look” once you have paid (you can cancel in writing up to 10 days later).


  1. Any weddings or events involving invited guests must be approved in writing.
  2. Exceeding the occupancy limit risks eviction with no refund. Each villa has a licensed maximum.
  3. No pets are allowed in any of the properties without a waiver.
  4. Please do not smoke inside the property. The terraces and patios are used by our guests who smoke.  Please do not allow your guests who smoke to litter the beach or landscaping with cigarette butts.
  5. Swimming pools are patently dangerous. Please supervise your non-swimming guests and children. Also, neither property owner nor GCV will be responsible for any accident or injury sustained by you or your guests (Hold Harmless Clause).
  6. If the property offers optional pool heat and for some reason the heater fails to work, the  limitation of damages will be the higher of $250/wk. or paid cost to have the pool heated. Heat pumps (basically air-conditioner compressors) can be finicky (and parts scarce) on a Caribbean island. Manager will make efforts to repair of course.
  7. No fishing equipment or scuba tanks inside the house please. Most villas have tile floors which  crack easily.
  8. Please conserve fresh water. All fresh water on the island is supplied by reverse-osmosis desalinization. Be mindful of laundry, shower and flushing uses. Additionally,  please put nothing inorganic in the toilet other than tissue paper, as each home uses a septic tank.
  9. This island (like all islands) has ants/bugs looking for food, especially sugar/sweets. The homes all spray monthly, and try to keep “Raid” or baits under the sink, but prevention is a better solution.
  10. PLEASE DO NOT rearrange the furniture or beds. PLEASE LEAVE THE FURNITURE IN ITS PLACE. The maids cannot reassemble/replace the      furniture after you have left. We will have to hire movers at your  expense.
  11. Villas in Cayman are  typically “self-catering.” Unless specifically advertised, all villas are cleaned before and after your stay. No maid service is included, but is available by arranging with the on-island manager.


All of our villas require between a $1,000 and $3,000 refundable (security) damage deposit (held in liquid funds). ALL OF THEM require you to be responsible for ANY damage that occurs. GCV includes in your invoice a $49 ADP (accidental damage protection) fee to cover any unintentional or accidental damage by you or your guests for up to $2,000. It offers you both indemnification and the peace of mind to know you won’t be charged after the stay for any accidental damage. Normal “wear and tear” and small consumable items are understood to be the responsibility of the owner. Guest should report any damage (to manager AND Grand Cayman Villas) discovered upon taking occupancy so that it may be repaired ASAP. Please CLICK HERE to read the coverage for ADP.



Please put out bagged and tied garbage bags (in the cans on the road) every night. When the garbage truck comes is often a moving target; and you DO NOT want to have any dogs, cats, rodents or otherwise cause a problem with the trash.


Please make sure all windows and doors are closed securely if you use the air-conditioning. The island is humid and the coils can “ice-over” preventing the system from cooling properly.  An A/C technician visit is CI$250 minimum and is at least 2 hours away. Electricity is 4X the US national $ average; so please be vigilant. Many of the homes require a supplemental (refundable) $250 excess cleaning and specialty damage deposit to protect artwork and for guests who leave the villa a mess (sink full of dirty dishes, sand on the floor, furniture moved all over the house, etc.)


If you need anything; call your manager FIRST (name and number on page 1). He/She is on the island and is most likely the right person to make things happen. If you are not able to reach him/her OR not happy with the progress, please call and email us (866-358-8455; jim@grandcaymanvillas.net)  to let us know what the issues are and what has been done or not done to remedy the situation. Sometimes, guests will wait until very late in their stay (or afterwards) and then unload a “list” of items that made them unhappy. We want to get things sorted out earlier than that–we can’t fix what we don’t know about!


Guest covenants to use the property for private purpose and cannot sublet or convey use to another party. Guest also will not hold a wedding, reception, party or other event with invited guests without prior approval.



Guest Initials



Grand Cayman Villas & Condos, LLC (GCV) operates strictly as marketing and booking agency for rental villas located in the Cayman Islands. GCV neither owns nor manages individual properties. It is exclusively a booking agency with no liability for any physical or financial injury sustained by guests during their stay. In the (very unlikely) event that a contracted villa is either unavailable or uninhabitable for a guest’s stay (for whatever reason); GCV will make extraordinary efforts to obtain similar (or better) accommodations for the guests (subject to their approval). GCV maintains strong relationships with other on-island managers, owners, other villa-rental agents and the Cayman islands Tourism Department. However, should acceptable accommodations not be found, the limit of financial liability for GCV will be a prompt, full refund of all monies paid OR an alternate stay at the subject property (at the choice of the guest). Evacuation due to hurricanes will result in prorated refunds up to the total amount of the rental charge, prorated by # of nights stayed.