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Cayman Wedding Beach

Grand Cayman Destination Weddings

Weddings are more than a celebration. They are a reflection of your personalities, your joys, and your excitement for the road ahead.

Whether you’re looking for a simple beach ceremony, a formal indoor affair, or anything in-between, we’re sure to have a villa to perfectly suit your needs.  The white sand beaches and stunning architecture available on-island will add a unique touch to your special day.  We can also find nearby accommodations for your wedding party and guests.

From the rehearsal dinner to the reception, you want every detail to be perfect.  We at Grand Cayman Villas couldn’t be happier to help.  If you’re unsure about anything, please feel free to call us!  We take pride in only recommending knowledgeable, reliable wedding professionals from party planners to florists.

Wedding Venues

Get married at the Kaibo.

Renting a private villa may sound lavish but when you consider there won’t be any facility fees or nosy strangers, and the incredible flexibility for your plans, it’s more than practical.

Opting for a villa means you can have your dream wedding on your own private beach with only your guests in attendance.  What’s more, it offers an incredible amount of flexibility.  If clouds begin to gather on the big day, you can call the caterer, the florist, and your guests and simply move the ceremony to the next day.  If any of the thousand tiny details hit a snag, you have the time to work it out, so your big day will be everything you ever dreamed.

Wedding Photography

David Wolfe Photography

Hiring a photographer isn’t the tough part, it’s getting on their calendar so make that reservation quickly!

We highly recommend Irene Corti Photography & Video and Joseph Linder Photography as we have seen their excellent work first-hand.

Rebecca Davidson Photography

With a standard Saturday-to-Saturday booking, we recommend holding your ceremony early in the week.

The weekends are extremely hectic for caterers and restaurants, whereas service on a weekday will be exceptionally better.  Plus, in the event of travel delays, you will have a couple of days to allow all your guests to arrive safely on island.

If the wedding is on a Tuesday evening, you still have Thursday and Friday to relax and enjoy the islandsave Wednesday as a recovery day!

Wedding Planners, Caterers, & More

Cayman Wedding Planners

While some of us revel in the do-it-yourself approach others would rather have a professional in charge of all the arrangements, especially in a foreign country.  It’s just easier to put yourself in the hands of local professionals with industry contacts all around the island.

With that in mind, we highly recommend Celebrations Ltd, in George Town.  JoAnne and her staff work wonders with any theme she’s given, from lighting to props to the wedding cake.  A quick visit to her website will prove that she consistently produces amazing results.

In addition, we also recommend Five Star Events, a smaller wedding coordinator but equally reliable and talented.  Juliette and her team can help you create the perfect ceremony.

Mise En Place Cayman

For a truly spectacular wedding caterer, we highly recommend Mise En Place located in George Town.  A brief exploration of their menus will leave your mouth watering.  With a variety of menus available you can go all out or opt to keep it simple.  There’s even a menu designed specifically around local cuisine!

If you choose to host your reception in a private villa, you can have the event entirely catered by local restaurants.  Our two favorites are Tukka and The Lighthouse.  Tukka, led by Chef Ron, specializes in a fusion of Australian cuisine with a Caribbean twist.  The Lighthouse, managed by Giuseppe Gatta, specializes in traditional Italian dishes and fresh seafood.

Both Tukka and The Lighthouse have waterfront space to host your reception, or rehearsal dinner.

The requirements for a marriage license in Grand Cayman aren’t stringent, but be sure to check the official Cayman Islands website for further information

You will need:

  • Proof of Citizenship and Age (Passport or Birth Certificate & Photo ID)
  • Proof of Marital Status (Divorce Decree or Death Certificate, If Applicable)
  • Immigration Department Cards For Non-Cruise Passengers
  • International Embarkation/Disembarkation Cards for Cruise Passengers
  • Two witnesses at the ceremony
  • A Non-Residents Marriage License
  • A Letter from the Authorized Marriage Officer Who is to Officiate

Applications for non-resident marriage licenses (approx. US$250) and a list of licensed Marriage Officers can be obtained from the Passport and Corporate Services Office.

Passport and Corporate Services Office
Sussex House, 128 Elgin Avenue
George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9000

Phone: 345-943-7678
Fax: 345-945-4355
Email: passport&

For Marriage Officers, look at the recommendations on the official Cayman Islands website.  We have some recommendations as well:

Cayman Wedding Music

Here’s a rundown of the island’s premier musicians for your special day:

Cayman Wedding Flowers

For a florist servicing Northside, Rum Point and East End, we highly recommend Patrick Panton of East End Gardens & Gifts (345-916-4230).

For larger events in George Town, Bodden Town, and Seven Mile Beach, Every Bloomin’ Thing  (345-945-1701) is a quality full-service florist.

For spa and beauty treatments, Spa-To-Go will come to you and provide professional hair, makeup, and beauty services, as well as licensed massage therapists.  For just mobile massage, we recommend Healing Hands (345-946-7388), Under the Palms (345-947-8724), and Perfectly Pampered.

Cayman Wedding Rentals

Island Casuals Wholesale (345-945-0924) can help with tropical wedding attire, otherwise, any of the wedding coordinators will help you find traditional formal attire.

Many groomsmen bring down coordinating Tommy Bahama or island resort wear they have purchased in the States.  The shops in the seaside shopping mall next to “Grand Cayman Beach Suites” can help purchase these items.

The gift shops at the Westin and Ritz Carlton in Caymana Bay can also help with formal attire.