Arrival Protocols Amended as Flights Ramp Up

Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021
Cayman Flights for 2022
Airlines have begun adding flights to Grand Cayman for early 2022.


The Cayman Islands will reopen to fully vaccinated tourists without quarantine in 11 days.

In preparation, last Friday government amended arrival protocols to include rapid testing following arrival on Days 2, 5, and 10.

Cayman will rely on lateral flow (rapid antigen) screening tests which are less invasive and provide a test result within 15 minutes. A negative rapid test result can be used to check-in for your return flight home if taken within 72-hours of departure.

Details on where and how tests will be administered are not yet available. We are working to make this process as easy as possible for our villa guests. Stay tuned.

The government further verified that US, UK, and Canadian travelers will not need to provide a digitally-secure QR code to verify their vaccination status. Travelers are required to pre-register their flights and vaccination status with Travel Cayman, the government’s online travel portal. All travelers should carry their paper vaccination cards as further proof of inoculation.

Preparing for Takeoff
As reopening draws near, airlines have begun selling flights through the end of 2021 and into early 2022.

For US travelers, Cayman Airways and JetBlue will be the most reliable airlines with inbound flights departing from Miami, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, New York-JFK, and Boston.

Canadian tourists can rely on Air Canada and WestJet for direct weekly flights departing from Toronto.

Across the pond, UK travelers can book with British Airways which has multiple weekly flights with a stopover in The Bahamas.

By early next year, the major US airlines will add daily nonstop flights departing out of more gateway cities just in time for Spring Break 2022.

To streamline your travel planning, we’ve compiled a one-sheet PDF guide of confirmed and scheduled flight availability through early 2022. Airlines are currently accepting reservations for flights scheduled for 2022.


The pent-up demand for travel to Grand Cayman is real. We anticipate a surge in villa bookings as flight availability ramps up and arrival protocols ease.

Our reservations team is ready to provide travel guidance and villa recommendations for guests looking to escape for the holidays, New Year’s week,  or Spring Break. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-866-358-8455, drop us an email, or use our chat box in the bottom right corner to speak with a live agent.


Cayman Airways Expands Flights from JFK & Miami!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Cayman Airways has additional flights slated for mid-December departing out of New York’s JFK Airport, plus daily non-stop service out of Miami, FL.

  Flights from JFK to Cayman will run Friday – Monday — Dec. 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 31
  Return flights from Cayman to JFK will run Thursday – Sunday — Dec. 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 30.
  Daily flights out of Miami, FL will begin Dec. 10 and run through the end of the month.

These new flights can be booked directly via CaymanAirways.com or toll-free on their US reservations line, 1-800-422-9626.

Additional direct flights out of Tampa, FL for mid-December will become available soon. Stay tuned.

Confirmed Border Reopening Flights

Friday, October 29, 2021

Airlines are ramping up direct flights to Grand Cayman ahead of the Nov. 20th border reopening date.

Currently, JetBlue, Cayman Airways, British Airways, Air Canada, and WestJet are positioned to be the most reliable carriers upon reopening.

Find out which cities will have direct flights to Grand Cayman this winter by clicking the link below.



Border Reopening Date Announced

Monday, October 25, 2021

The Cayman Islands are reopening to vaccinated tourists without quarantine effective Saturday, November 20, 2021 (Phase 4).

Visitors from the US, Canada, the UK, and any Country with at least 60% of the population having taken at least one dose of the COVID vaccine will not have to securely verify their vaccination. Your paper vaccine card will be accepted.

Travelers will be asked to register their itinerary and vaccination status with Travel Cayman once they are within 30 days of arrival and have confirmed flights.

Like most international destinations, a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to arrival will be required.

Locally, Cayman is moving to Rapid Flow Testing, which provides results within 15 minutes, and may require tourists to test during their stay. Airlines may also require a pre-departure test for your return trip home. We have offered to provide that testing at no cost to our Guests. More to follow.

Unvaccinated children, aged 11 or younger, are not included until PHASE 5, which was supposed to begin on November 18. Phase 5 is still under discussion at Government and we are pushing for mid-December.

Jet Blue, Air Canada, West Jet, British Airways, Cayman Airways have flights confirmed for Phase 4. The Minister of Tourism will now push Delta, United, Southwest, and American to accelerate their return to Cayman.

The most reliable carriers for travel in November and early December will be:

  • ∗  Cayman Airways from either Miami, FL (5 flights per week) or Tampa, FL (1 flight per week),
  • ∗  Jet Blue from JFK (2 flights per week), or Fort Lauderdale, FL (beginning Dec, 20), or
  • ∗  Air Canada and West Jet from Toronto.

More flights will roll out in the coming weeks as market demand accelerates.

Cayman Airways has asked American Airlines for permission to service their hubs for the 2021 holiday season.


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Border Reopening Delayed

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Cayman Islands Government (CIG) has paused Phase 3 of its border reopening plan due to a number of local transmission cases. Until last week, Cayman had not seen local transmission in well over a year.

However, a number of students at George Town Primary School returned positive for COVID. Premier Wayne Panton described these cases as a “game-changer” for the island and urged the remaining 20% unvaccinated to get vaccinated.

Panton added, “Government has a responsibility… to plan for a future which might include for some time having to live with a virus that we need to manage. We are not going to learn how to manage it by keeping the borders closed.”

Phase 4 of reopening, which would have removed the quarantine requirement for verified vaccinated arrivals, will be delayed, with no date provided.

Amended travel restrictions have yet to be released by the Cayman government.


Cayman’s Friendly Skies About to Open Up

Friday, September 3, 2021
Airport Pickup
US airlines have applied for authorization to restart commercial flights to and from Owen Roberts International airport.


The Cayman Islands are just 5-days away from Phase 3 of reopening which will see the first wave of vaccinated tourists touchdown at Owen Roberts International (GCM) airport in over a year.

Tourists waiting on the sidelines for October’s Phase 4, which removes the 5-day quarantine requirement, got a jolt of good news yesterday from Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan.

Speaking on a local radio talk show, Bryan confirmed US airlines including American, United, Southwest, and Delta have all applied for authorization to resume flights to and from Cayman beginning in October.

Those airlines alone serve as hubs for the following gateway cities: Boston, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and Denver.

Cayman Airways plans to expand routes into new gateway cities in September.

International Markets

Bryan noted that WestJet, which provided service out of Canada before the pandemic, had not yet applied for authorization. Talks are ongoing with both WestJet and Air Canada to resume flights at pre-pandemic levels for Canadian tourists.

British Airways will increase its weekly service to the Cayman Islands as well. The airliner is resuming four flights a week from London with a brief layover in Nassau, Bahamas.

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Premier is Resolute: Cayman is Reopening October 14

Thursday, August 26, 2021

In an impassioned 2-hour press conference yesterday, Premier Wayne Panton confirmed the Cayman Islands will reopen to vaccinated tourists without quarantine starting on October 14th. He did not mince words, we are reopening that day.

The primary message to the Cayman people was that after October 14th, the risk to unvaccinated residents would rise. He and his cabinet strongly encouraged any unvaccinated residents to get vaccinated straightaway.

He also announced his support for all private businesses that may mandate vaccination, or viral testing, after the FDA gave full approval to the Pfizer vaccine.

Further, the Premier softened on the required 80% vaccination level in order to re-open, moving that target date to October 14th. Cayman’s current fully-vaccinated rate is almost 75%. In a separate interview with Travel Weekly this week, the Minister of Tourism used a target vaccination rate of 75-80%. We are there.

October 14 is the reopening “go live” date. It will happen.

Commercial Flights

The Minister of Tourism (MOT) announced that 5 major international airlines had confirmed they were ready to resume flights to and from Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International (GCM) airport.

The Minister said he is meeting next week with US airlines and the Cayman Airport Authority to set schedules and authorize flights within weeks.

Commercial flights will be permitted to resume beginning September 9th. However, most US carriers will not restart flights until October 14th when Phase 4 removes quarantine for all vaccinated adults.

A few airlines will not resume flights until November 18th when Phase 5 begins allowing unvaccinated children to travel with no quarantine.

With airlines restarting flights and vaccinated adults and families welcomed with relaxed travel restrictions, tourism should rebound nicely heading into winter and Spring Break 2022.

Safest Destination in the Caribbean

Cayman COVID Vax Rate
The Cayman Islands’ fully-vaccinated rate leads all Caribbean nations.

The Cayman Islands remain COVID-free. Strict mitigation efforts and a lockdown of the border, for well over a year, have proven successful in eradicating COVID from the local community.

Cayman’s fully-vaccinated rate leads all Caribbean nations. This additional layer of protection will ensure a safe reopening for both locals and vaccinated tourists alike.

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UPDATE – US Flights to Cayman

Thursday, August 26, 2021
Owen Roberts International Airport
Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) has recently been renovated and expanded to accommodate health, safety and sanitation protocols.

Following the announcement of the Cayman Islands’ reopening plan, attention has shifted to airlift. After all, the success of our reopening plan depends on the resumption of commercial flights.

The Cayman Minister of Tourism, Kenneth Bryan, announced that five (5) major international airlines had confirmed the resumption of flights to and from Cayman, most focusing on post-October 14 schedules. Delta Airlines had recently canceled flights until December 21. Tourism Minister is working with Delta (among others) next week to resume earlier service.

Currently, only Cayman Airways and British Airways are operating a regular schedule of flights to and from Grand Cayman (GCM). British Airways will stop in Nassau, Bahamas, to collect Air Canada travelers beginning in October.

American Airlines begins October 4th with flights through Miami. In early November, American brings on direct flights from Charlotte, Dallas, and Philadelphia. Earlier dates may be possible, given demand.

Jet Blue resumes service in early November direct from Boston and New York

United Airlines direct flights from Chicago, Houston, Newark, and Washington DC-Dulles (IAD) begin in early November as well.

The Minister is meeting next week with US Airlines and the Cayman Airport Authority to confirm additional schedules and get flights online for guest confirmation.

“I will provide further updates when the schedule has been finalized,” Bryan said. “The resumption of commercial flights is exciting news, and signals the restart of our tourism, and the return to normalcy within our industry.”



Cayman Islands Reopening Plan Announced

Thursday, July 8, 2021
Cayman Islands Tourism Reopening
At long last, we have a reopening plan to welcome back tourists to our shores. See you on Cayman time!

It has been 475 days since the Cayman Islands closed its borders to stay over tourism. They emerge from the COVID pandemic victorious with no fatalities, a high vaccination rate of 68%, and recently marked a full year with no community transmission.

Today, the Cayman Islands announced a 5-phase border reopening strategy that will reintroduce tourism beginning on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Each phase will ease travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers (at first). The immediate goal is to be open to vaccinated arrivals, without quarantine by mid-November, in time for the holidays.

The ultimate goal is to be fully open, regardless of vaccination status, by late January 2022.

Phase 2 – Effective August 9, 2021

  • ∗  Entry into the Cayman Islands remains limited to local residents and property owners with a mandatory 5-day (vaccinated) or 14-day (unvaccinated) quarantine.
  •   GPS wristband monitoring will no longer be required for vaccinated travelers during 5-day self-quarantine.
  •   No on-arrival PCR test required for vaccinated travelers.
  •   5-Day self-quarantine for vaccinated travelers. Exit PCR test required.
  • ∗  Unvaccinated travelers must still comply with 14-day quarantine, multiple PCR tests, and GPS wristband monitoring.

Phase 3 – Effective September 9, 2021

  • ∗  Borders will reopen to vaccinated tourists with a 5-day, self-quarantine upon arrival. Exit PCR test required.
  • ∗  Tourists will be permitted to quarantine at all hotels, condos, or villas with periodic spot visits to enforce quarantine.
  • ∗  Commercial flights will be coordinated by the Cayman Airport Authority.
  • ∗  Cruise ship tourism will remain closed.

Phase 4 – Effective October 14, 2021

  • ∗  The 5-day self-quarantine requirement is lifted for all vaccinated arrivals.
  • ∗  Vaccinated tourists must pre-register their travel intent and vaccination status with Travel Cayman, Cayman’s online travel approval portal.
  • ∗  All unvaccinated travelers must receive entry permission via Travel Cayman and comply with all current 14-day quarantine and entry protocols.

Phase 5 – Effective November 18, 2021

  • ∗  Unvaccinated children, aged 11 or younger, will be allowed to travel and stay with vaccinated family without quarantine.

Full Reopen – Effective TBD

  • ∗  The government will reassess the COVID-19 pandemic by January 27, 2022, to determine the feasibility of further relaxation of travel and entry restrictions.
  • ∗  If the green light is given, quarantine restrictions may be eliminated for all arrivals, regardless of vaccination status.
  • ∗  A reintroduction of limited cruise ship tourism may also be possible.

While there’s a lot of information to digest, we will provide all the pertinent details on our Island Reopening page.

If you have a reservation for arrival before February 2022 and all in your party will not be vaccinated, please contact our reservations team. We can either cancel and refund your reservation (per pandemic exception to cancellation policy), or defer your dates to 2022 when unvaccinated tourists may be allowed to visit.

All other guests are welcome to contact our reservations team via email or chat with any questions about reopening. Please visit our reopening page for more details.

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June Reopening Update

Friday, June 18, 2021
Island Reopening in mid-September
Wish you were here.

At a June 16 press conference, Premier Wayne Panton announced changes to arrival protocols for incoming vaccinated travelers and hinted at a possible reopening date for tourism.

Effective June 23, 2021, the mandatory quarantine period for incoming vaccinated travelers will be reduced from 10 days to 5 days. Unvaccinated travelers must still quarantine for 14 days. On-arrival PCR testing has also been waived. However, all travelers must still provide a negative PCR test result taken 72 hours or less prior to travel, and undergo PCR testing before exiting quarantine.

The reduced arrival protocols are a first step in the right direction but highlight the government’s reluctance to reopen for July or August.

When pressed, Premier Panton declined to give a specific reopening date but added his government is targeting “mid-September” for a reopening of the border for stay-over tourism. Details of a border-reopening framework will be released in the next few weeks.

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Reopening Outlook for May

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Island Reopening Outlook
Here’s what we know about ongoing talks to reopen the island.

The Cayman Islands swore in a new Government & Cabinet in mid-April, made up of coalition Independents. Wayne Panton, the new Premier, is pro-business and has set a safe reopening of Grand Cayman as one of his top priorities. With the island being closed for over 14 months, there is no COVID in the general public and the new Government will make sure to protect the local population with a safe reopening.

The country of 65,000 people will reopen once they reach 70% of the total population vaccinated. Currently, 53% of the population has received full vaccination and 60% have received at least one dose. We anticipate reaching the 70% threshold between mid-June and early July.

Likely through the balance of 2021, vaccinated arrivals (proof required) will be subject to shorter (or no) quarantine(s) than unvaccinated arrivals.

Unvaccinated adults will still be required to complete a 14-night quarantine.

Non-vaccinated children, not yet eligible for vaccinations, MAY be exempted until vaccines are available, but that is a subject the Cayman Government will address when the 70% goal is met.

A Covid test will continue to be given to all arrivals upon touchdown at the airport in Cayman. Our expectations are that vaccinated arrivals will ultimately be permitted to proceed directly to their accommodations and await a negative test result (24-hour max) before release. When that will happen depends on meeting 70%.

The Cayman Government and airlines will likely require a negative Covid test within three days of travel to Grand Cayman. The US may also require a negative Covid test to return from abroad.

Much will change in the coming weeks and we will do our best to update new policies and procedures for Grand Cayman’s reopening. Visit and bookmark our Island Reopening page for the latest info.

We are accepting mid-July and later reservations with the understanding that our guests are covered by our flexible guest-friendly cancellation policies including pandemic/Covid coverage.

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Our Island Reopening Page is Live!

Friday, April 9, 2021

The Cayman Islands is preparing to reopen. On the ground, in Grand Cayman, public support for reopening is growing. It’s just a matter of time now.

Next week, Caymanians head to the polls to elect a new government that will be tasked with forming a reopening plan. Discussions are taking place at all levels of government. Travel restrictions will change rapidly.

Stay current with the latest travel conditions by clicking over to our Island Reopening page. We will be updating it regularly as reopening details are announced.


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Cayman Vaccination Rate Leads the Caribbean.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Cayman Islands Vaccination Rate
The Cayman Islands leads the Caribbean in COVID vaccines administered. Cayman will become the safest destination in the region upon reopening.

We finally have some great news!

The Cayman Islands has reached the halfway point of its stated goal to vaccinate 75%-80% of its adult population over the age of 16.

Once that goal is reached, a reopening of the borders welcoming back stay-over tourism can commence without quarantine, at first, for vaccinated arrivals.

As of Tuesday, March 22nd, 42.5% of the estimated population, or 27,611 residents, have received at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Total vaccines delivered is approx. 63 doses per 100 residents and leads the Caribbean.

By April 7th, the Cayman government will have received over 100,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which is enough to fully vaccinate all residents over the age of 16.

With ample vaccines on hand and residents lining up to get jabbed, a reopening is on target to begin within the May 15 to June 15 timeframe.

As of March 23, vaccinated arrivals will still be required to:

  • *  Provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken 72 hours prior to travel;
  • *  Undergo a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Cayman free of charge.

Avoiding quarantine for unvaccinated arrivals, including children under the age of 16, is under discussion at Cabinet-level.

We encourage all travelers to get vaccinated as soon as possible if they wish to travel safely (and protect their fellow travelers!) in our post-COVID world.

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Quarantine Period Reduced to 10-Days

Sunday, March 14, 2021
Our Cayman Cottage
I dunno about you, but I could do ten days of quaratine here, no problem!

The Cayman Islands remains closed to tourists, but the Government is encouraged by increasing vaccination rates in the Cayman Islands and the United States, its largest source market.

Beginning March 22, all arrivals who have been fully vaccinated will need to quarantine for 10-days rather than the current 14-day period. Again, this only applies right now to returning residents and workers.

Travelers will still be required to present a negative PCR test taken within 72-hours of travel and also test negative upon arrival in Cayman.

Family members traveling with unvaccinated children will need to remain in isolation for 14-days, regardless if the adults are vaccinated.

Vaccines authorized for children should be available by mid-summer.

The government has targeted a full reopening of tourism to occur without a quarantine period once 75-80% of the adult population has been vaccinated. As of March 12, 30% of the entire population has received the first dose and almost 20% have received both doses.

With vaccinations open to all adult residents, the overall vaccination rate should climb rapidly.

Cayman currently ranks 7th globally in vaccines administered per capita.

Global COVID Vaccination Rates

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Possible Late-Spring Reopening?

Monday, March 1, 2021
Cayman Islands Reopening 2021
A silver lining is emerging from Cayman after weeks of bad news surrounding the island’s decision to postpone its reopening date.

As a precondition to easing Cayman’s border controls—specifically reducing the quarantine period from 14 days to 10 days—Premier McLaughlin stated that 90% of the island’s over-60 population would need to get fully vaccinated.

We are within reach of that goal with 81% of Cayman’s over-60 population receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Friday, February 26.

Adequate supplies of the Pfizer vaccine have been arranged with the UK Foreign Office with two shipments scheduled to arrive in March.

We anticipate the 90% target for most at-risk ages will be reached by mid-March and we will see quarantine reduced to 10 days for all vaccinated arrivals.

Late-Spring Reopening Teased

In another sign of optimism, Premier McLaughlin announced that Cayman could reopen to stay-over tourism sooner than expected, without any quarantine.

“I’m even more excited at the prospect of us getting 70% of the overall [adult]  population vaccinated, which would mean we can do away with quarantine periods altogether,” the Premier stated.

He added, “I’m still hopeful that perhaps by the end of April or early May, Cayman will be one of the few countries in the world that can reopen safely without having to quarantine people.”

Data released at the end of February revealed that 24% of Cayman’s entire population has been vaccinated. While there’s still a long way to go to reach that 70% threshold, the news was encouraging. Additional vaccination locations on-island will open to younger residents very soon.

We are still receiving and accepting reservations for late June or July. This will give the government and the airlines sufficient time to iron out all the airlift details as well as establishing reopening and arrival protocols.

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Real Talk on Reopening

Thursday, February 11, 2021
Have a seat and enjoy the views because we have some bad news.

The Cayman Islands remain closed to tourist arrivals.

January infection spikes in the UK and USA, followed by potentially vaccine-resistant COVID strains revealed in February, have derailed any plans the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) had on the drawing board and moved the goalposts once again.

Any reopen strategy depends on protecting the island’s population through vaccination and requiring initial arrivals to also be vaccinated.

So, Cayman can only control what is in their control.

The country has vaccinated over 70% of the population aged 60+ (the most vulnerable). The Premier stated he will not reopen the borders until 90% of the most vulnerable are vaccinated.

Once that 90% threshold is met, border controls will be updated reducing the quarantine period from 14-days to 10-days for all inbound travelers meeting the following conditions:

  • * Submit a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival, and a second negative test upon arrival in Cayman
  • * Complete a valid COVID-19 vaccination program and provide proof of vaccination
  • * Reside in a household where all parties have received a full course of vaccination
  • * Produce a negative PCR test on Day 10 before being released from quarantine
  • * Adults traveling with children will have to quarantine for 14 days until children are eligible for vaccines.

Bottom line, if your 2021 travel plans include a vacation in Grand Cayman you will want to get vaccinated. For that matter, most of the Caribbean will reward vaccinated travelers going forward with lenient entry restrictions and protocols.

Our Travel Guidance for 2021

For guests looking to book in 2021, we recommend deferring arrival until late June or July.

Hopefully, by then vaccines will be more widely available, resulting in higher vaccination rates and an easing of border controls. Studies for effectiveness against new strains will also be completed. The Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine will also be available.

Guests may consider booking for 2022 to lock in prime high season dates, or Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ weeks.

No one is more disappointed to see another reopening date pushed back than ourselves. But, we understand that public health and safety are paramount and hope that local leaders will act in good faith in a politically charged election year. Caymanians head to the polls in late April.

Until the Cayman Islands reopens, we will continue to manage requests for both rescheduling and cancellation, per our contract terms.

Currently, the Global Citizen Concierge Program remains the only entry path to Grand Cayman. Visit our Global Citizen Concierge page for program details and eligibility requirements. All of our villas are pre-approved by the Department of Tourism for Global Citizen and quarantine stays.

Cayman remains one of very few countries in the world with no community transmission. The only COVID on the island arrives by airplanes, is identified, and neutralized through quarantine and retesting.

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On-Target for March Reopening?

Sunday, January 17, 2021
Cayman Islands Reopening 2021
Grab the bubbly! The Cayman Islands targets March 2021 for tourism reopening.

The Cayman Premier has committed to reopening the Cayman Islands to tourists in March, provided the vaccination roll-out proceeds as planned. The Premier’s goal is to get 25% of the island’s 60,000 local population inoculated, including our most at-risk groups.

Early data and roll-out trends show efforts are on-target for the planned March reopening.

The UK government sent Cayman 10,000 doses on January 7th. Another 10,000 will arrive on January 28th, followed by another shipment of 10,00 doses by early February. That’s enough supply to achieve a 25% inoculation rate with just the Pfizer vaccine alone.

By February and March, new vaccines will hit the global market including additional supplies of the Pfizer vaccine. With vaccines readily available and administered the world can slowly get back to “normal”.

March Reopening: What to Expect

Looking towards March, vaccinated tourists will be the easiest to manage since they no longer pose a health risk. Therefore, arrival protocols for vaccinated tourists will be lenient:

The government is developing protocols for unvaccinated tourists, including those who cannot currently be vaccinated, that will include the rules above for vaccinated tourists, plus additional restrictions.

Initial protocols for unvaccinated tourists may include staying only in a private villa, where crowd density is lower and interaction with the local population less likely. A majority of the private villas and micro-resorts are located in the eastern districts where less interaction with the local population is easily achievable.

Until the rules are developed for unvaccinated tourists, the current 14-day quarantine period will apply. We do expect a shorter quarantine period announced by March. Any idea of quarantine dampens everyone’s enthusiasm for a vacation.

Options for Upcoming Arrivals 

Unless all members of your party are vaccinated, March and April arrivals should consider rescheduling for a later date, or canceling altogether.

Late-April and May look more promising as over 50% of the island will have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. As that percentage rises, herd immunity follows and arrival protocols will likely ease.

We are encouraging bookings for June and afterward.

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Grand Cayman Sets 2021 Reopen Date

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
A new day is on the horizon as the Cayman Islands government announced a March 1st reopen date welcoming back tourist arrivals.

Last Thursday, the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) announced a framework for the reopening of borders for tourism given the availability of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in the first week of January.

In sum, Premier Alden McLaughlin stated the vaccine will be distributed to the island’s “at-risk population” during the first 8 weeks of 2021, at a rate of 3,000 vaccinations per week. Other vaccines will also roll out to the local population as they become available.

If all goes as planned, the Cayman Islands will reopen for tourism beginning March 1, 2021.

The March target will be evaluated once the vaccine is distributed on-island in January. The goal is to have 65% of the adult population inoculated to achieve herd immunity.

In conjunction with the news of the vaccine roll-out, Premier McLaughlin unveiled current protocols for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers:

  • •  1. Vaccinated travelers, showing proof of vaccination, will not have to quarantine. However, COVID testing is required upon arrival and on Days 5, 10, and 15.
  • •  2. Non-vaccinated travelers, no new protocols announced yet but must follow current protocols including a PCR test on arrival, 14-day home quarantine, and a final Day 15 PCR test.

The entry requirements above are subject to change as we enter the new year. Consideration is being given to reducing the quarantine period to 7-10 days given the CDC’s recent guidance which is under review by the CIG.

The CIG is not making vaccination a mandatory requirement for entry. However, all travelers must comply with current protocols and home isolation or risk fines and incarceration.

We will continue to monitor on-going developments and provide updates in this thread.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at reservations@grandcaymanvillas.net or use the chatbox in the bottom right to speak to our reservations team in real-time.

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My Cayman Quarantine: What Upcoming Arrivals Can Expect

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Quarantine in Grand Cayman
Upcoming travelers can expect a different arrival process than in years past. But, the reward of living on a COVID-free island is priceless.

For travelers lucky enough to gain approval for entry into Grand Cayman, the arrival experience will look vastly different from seasons past. Mandatory travel approval, mask mandates, COVID testing, and a 14-day home isolation period are some of the new realities travelers must adjust to.

The good news, however, is that Grand Cayman and its sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, boast no local transmission of COVID-19. All new cases are confined to recent travelers in home isolation.

Once you get through the inconvenience of quarantine, it will feel fantastic to be in an environment free of masks and social distancing, once again enjoying life on a beautiful island leaving the pandemic worries behind.

This blog will cover some pre-arrival planning tips to keep in mind, as well as what to expect when you land on Grand Cayman.


Cayman’s Global Citizen Concierge Program

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Cayman Islands Global Citizen Concierge Program
Until a reopening plan for general tourism is announced, the Global Citizen Concierge is the only path to get to Cayman.

With cases of COVID-19 spiking across the US & UK, The Cayman Islands’ Government (CIG) postponed the reopening of its borders for general tourism. However, the CIG did launch the Global Citizen Concierge Program (GCCP) in October as the only path for non-citizen/non-resident travelers to legally enter Grand Cayman… for now.

So, what does that mean exactly? How is eligibility determined? What are the requirements for approval into the program?

Before you go packing your bags, we’ll outline the program’s requirements to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle.


When is Grand Cayman Reopening for Tourists?

Friday, November 6, 2020

Cayman Kai Aerial

We are all in need of a tropical vacation. The stress of this new normal has everyone dreaming of a getaway, but changing travel restrictions add uncertainty to knowing where you can travel and how you can get there.

The big question remains: “When is Grand Cayman reopening for tourists?”

Here are answers to 5 of the most-asked questions regarding reopening.

1).  Is Grand Cayman Open for Travel?
Grand Cayman is currently in Phase I of its reopen plan for approved visitors through the end of November. These include property owners, permanent residents, work permit-holders, and visitors who plan to stay on-island for an extended stay.

2). When Will Grand Cayman Reopen to Tourists?
Grand Cayman currently is being served three times a week by just 2 airlines: Cayman Airways out of Miami, FL, and weekly from the UK by British Airways. Cayman anticipated announcing Phase II of their reopening plan for tourists, however, current lockdowns in the UK and EU, plus record numbers of new COVID cases in the US have delayed that announcement.

3). What are the Cayman Islands’ Travel Restrictions?
Cayman Airways, British Airways, and private chartered flights are currently the only carriers permitted to land on Grand Cayman. All visitors must complete a pre-arrival screening application, known as Travel Cayman.

Inbound travel to the Cayman Islands is currently limited to:

  • •  Property owners
  • •  Permanent residents
  • •  Work permit-holders
  • •  Visitors who plan to stay for an extended period

Approved visitors must comply with the following safeguards upon arriving in the Cayman Islands:

  • •  Take a PCR test at the Cayman Airport.
  • •  Self-quarantine at a private residence for 14 days.
  • •  Wear a location-tracking bracelet during self-quarantine.
  • •  Take another PCR test after 14 days.
  • •  Assuming negative PCR test results, visitors are released from quarantine and free to travel the island.

4). Can I Fly to the Cayman Islands?
Until November 30, 2020, only Cayman Airways, British Airways, and private aircraft are permitted into Grand Cayman. You may see some commercial airlines are accepting bookings to the island, but keep in mind that these airlines do not have permission to land on the island. Purchase these tickets at your own risk!

5). Where Can I Stay in Grand Cayman?
Phase 1 arrivals may either: 1) quarantine at a government-approved hotel resort or 2) self-quarantine at a private villa.

The downside with the first option is that you are required to stay within the confines of your hotel room. You cannot leave your room to use any of the resort’s facilities. Breaking quarantine will result in steep fines and penalties. A private villa, on the other hand, provides plenty of liveable space to move about, including outdoor areas and private pool decks. We think the choice is easy: spend 14-days under quarantine in the confines of a 500 sq. ft. hotel room, or spend it in a 2-10,000 sq. ft. villa with plenty of room and outdoor areas to pass the time. All of our private villas are officially licensed by the Cayman Department of Tourism and meet the government’s quarantine-at-residence criteria.

While we miss our international guests we know that keeping our community safe is of the utmost importance right now. Please keep checking this thread for the latest information on the phased reopening of the Cayman Islands.

If you have already made, or are interested in making a reservation at one of our properties, please review our Deposit & Cancellation Policy, or reach out to our reservations crew for travel guidance.

We will see you soon! Until then, mask up, maintain your distance, and do your part to stop COVID-19.

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Phased Reopening Plan Announced

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Grand Cayman ReopeningYesterday, the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) formally announced the first phase of a 3-Phase Reopening Plan for the island.

Phase I will start as a soft-reopening from September to October for property owners, permanent residents, work permit-holders, and visitors looking to stay on island for an extended period of time. Only Cayman Airways and British Airways, as well as private aircraft, will be flying into Grand Cayman until November 1st.

All visitors must submit a pre-arrival application, known as Travel Time, to the CIG. Arrivals DO NOT NEED to take a COVID PCR test prior to flying. However, upon arrival, they must comply with the following safeguards:

  • •  Take a PCR test at the Cayman Airport
  • •  Self-isolate at their private residence for 14 days
  • •  Wear a location-monitoring bracelet during self-isolation
  • •  Take a second PCR test at end of 14 days
  • •  If that test comes back negative, they are released into the general population

CIG cautioned that Phase II requirements and dates will all depend on the success of Phase I and how well the self-isolation plan works. It will also depend on advances in the accuracy of new rapid-antigen tests that are much cheaper and faster.

Phase II will most likely utilize more frequent testing prior to arrival, as well as a shorter self-isolation period on island. It is CIG’s hope that Phase II can begin in November, but no formal plans have been revealed. CIG and the Health Services Authority have been evaluating strategies utilized by neighboring islands that are currently open.

The Government is working diligently to ensure the island is open for Christmas and New Years and will announce details for PHASE II in mid-October, if not before. Caution, thus far, has served them, and the Cayman people, very well.

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Cayman’s COVID-Free Streak Continues

Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Cayman Islands have reported no new cases of COVID-19 and have not had a positive test result in over 3 weeks. That latest batch of 243 COVID tests taken since Tuesday, all returned negative.

While the island’s Chief Medical officer, Dr. John Lee, is reluctant to claim victory the results speak for themselves. Aggressive lockdowns measures, restrictions on gathering, a mask mandate, and rigorous PCR testing from April through June have resulted in a near burnout of the virus with only a few asymptomatic cases in early July.

As of yesterday, there are no active cases of COVID-19 on Grand Cayman, or the sister islands.

No new cases of COVID in Cayman

The Cayman government announced a reopening of the airport to tourists starting in September but established PCR testing requirements, a pre-arrival screening application, biometric monitoring, and a 5-day self-isolation period, followed by a final PCR test, as prerequisites to re-entry.

Minister of Tourism, Moses Kirkconnel, anticipates the lifting of the self-isolation requirement sometime in October. Pre-arrival PCR testing and biometric monitoring will likely continue.

Bookmark and follow this thread to stay up to date on all travel restrictions issued by the government.

Visit the Cayman Islands Government’s official website for all COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

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Cayman’s Balancing Act: Safe Haven Status & Tourism

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
COVID Tracker

The Cayman Islands have the highest per-capita testing rate and lowest infection rate (less than .70%) of any developed Caribbean country. With only 2 active cases currently being monitored and not one Cayman soul lost to COVID-19, the country’s strategy of border closure and mandatory quarantine has worked brilliantly.

Now, the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) must balance the health and safety of its citizens with the reopening of its tourism industry which accounts for roughly 40% of GDP.

Make no mistake about it, local authorities intend on making the Cayman Islands the safest Caribbean destination in the region while ensuring the safety of the most at-risk travelers in your family or group.

Our brand strategy must now include a commitment to remain as close to COVID-FREE as possible. Making Cayman a safe haven destination for those willing to comply with strict entry requirements is within our reach.

A Phased Reopening for Tourists


Officially announced at last Friday’s CIG press briefing, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell outlined a phased reopening of Cayman’s borders set to begin September 1st.

Under PHASE I, September arrivals seeking entry on to the island must first complete an online application form with the CIG. From there, the following will be required:

  • •  If approved, the applicant must upload a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours of departure.
  • •  Approval will also require each applicant to pay a health monitoring fee.
  • •  Upon arrival, each traveler will be fitted with a Bio-Button, a waterproof biometric monitoring device, that adheres to your chest and logs your vital signs and location.
  • •  Then, the traveler will be allowed to self-isolate at their private accommodation for a minimum of 5 days.
  • •  At the end of the 5-day period, each traveler will be tested for COVID. If the test comes back negative, the self-isolation period is over and you can move freely around the island. However, biometric monitoring will continue for the remainder of your stay.

Phase II of the island’s reopening is scheduled for October 1st. We hope by then there will be no self-isolation or biometric tracking requirement.

CIG is working on implementation details and will provide more guidance in the coming weeks.

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A Soft Re-Opening

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

In late June, the Cayman Government gave the accommodations industry approval to re-open for local resident Staycation bookings. With the airport closed to international traffic, many locals had to cancel their summer vacations abroad to either the US, UK, or Europe. So, instead, many of our 60,000+ local residents have opted to rent private villas and condos in the less-crowded, resort areas of Grand Cayman.

So far, Staycations have been quite popular. We’ve taken over 250 bookings that provide work to our property managers, housekeeping teams, and maintenance specialists who depend on tourism dollars for their livelihoods. The staycations also ensure the properties will be in top-condition when the airport reopens to tourist flights.

Our property managers are actively inspecting each property and troubleshooting anything that needs repair. HVAC techs are checking air-conditioning systems and pool technicians are ensuring the pools are clear and blue. Finally, housekeeping teams are executing all-new enhanced cleaning and disinfecting safeguards as mandated by the Department of Tourism.

Our approach with staycations has been to use this opportunity as a soft re-opening. COVID has brought to light new realities that, let’s admit it, will be part of our daily lives for a while. That’s why we’re taking the time to ready our properties and train our hospitality teams to safely welcome you back as soon as Grand Cayman officially reopens.

Once you’re ready to take to the skies again, we’ll have a private oceanfront vacation villa in paradise waiting for you.

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Cayman Flattens the Curve

Monday, July 13, 2020

It has been 21 days since Cayman authorities eased shelter in place restrictions. Sectors of the economy were allowed to gradually reopen. Citizens returned to normal daily life without restrictions on gatherings or a daily curfew. The fear with reopening was that as people came out from under lockdown an increase in new coronavirus cases would emerge confirming community spread was still lingering across the island.

As of July 13, Cayman authorities reported no new cases of COVID-19 for the prior 12 days. COVID-19 and antibody testing has ramped up significantly as the island continues to lead the way in per capita testing across the region, and with a positivity rate of less than 1%.

The interactive graph below from Our World in Data, a collaborative project from researchers at the University of Oxford, illustrates how the island was able to suppress the spread of COVID-19 once the outbreak began in mid-March. Click the Play button in the bottom left corner to view the data in real-time.

Needless to say, Cayman’s recent streak of no new cases is encouraging news as the island emerges as a safe haven from coronavirus.

While September 1st remains the current reopen date, it is expected that a measured reopening will ensue with property owners and business travelers permitted on the first round of flights. There will certainly be some COVID testing certification required before arrival in Grand Cayman.

Once requirements for entry are formally announced we will update and share them here.

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On the Path to Re-Opening

Monday, June 15, 2020

Rm Point BeachThe Cayman Islands has the 4th highest COVID-19 test-per-capita rate of any country in the world with approx. +25% of the population tested. Cayman has also experienced one of the lowest positive rates of those tested at approx. 1.10%. Soon, the Health Services Authority (HSA) will roll-out widespread antibody testing to further understand the impact of COVID-19 on the community. Strict gathering restrictions, mask regulations, and social distancing have worked well in the Cayman Islands.

Before Grand Cayman can re-open its airport, it must re-open its local economy first. If testing trends continue on the same favorable path, the Premier has signaled that a full lifting of restrictions can likely be expected by June 22nd.

In the interim, daily life is slowly returning with sectors of the economy reopening as shelter in place restrictions are relaxed. Construction projects have resumed with social distancing measures in place. Restaurants and bars are reopening providing outdoor service only. Restrictions on beach access have been lifted allowing for shore fishing, swimming, and exercise. All welcomed developments as the island shifts focus on reviving the tourism sector.

On that front, the government is formulating a phased plan for reopening the borders to tourism that should be announced in the coming weeks. Our airport, Owen Roberts International (GCM), currently remains closed through August 31st.

A phased reopen plan will most likely require some certification of PCR test results as well as a health declaration. High-speed COVID-19 testing at gateway airports could be the key to allowing tourists to return by the end of the year. Cayman may also permit property and business owners with assets on the island to arrive as early as July or August. Private aircraft might also be permitted to land prior to September 1. We will know more details of the Government’s strategy for reopening by June 22.

Here’s what can you do to ensure safe passage to Cayman once the airport reopens:

    • • Practice social distancing to minimize contact with others
    • • Wear a face mask when out in public or large crowds
    • • Continue to wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer regularly
    • • Monitor your health and seek a COVID-19 or antibody test if you are showing symptoms
    • • Follow the guidance issued by local and state health agencies.

Stay up to date with the latest news and information on COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands by visiting these trusted sources:


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A New Day: Cayman Emerges from Lockdown

Monday, May 18, 2020

Fishbones Grand Cayman Villas

The Cayman Islands rank in the top-10 of 1st world countries with the lowest positive-per-tested rate in the world. We have not lost one Cayman resident (of over 60,000) to COVID-19.

The government’s current plan is a phased reopening of the local economy with continued testing; return to normalcy over the next 4-6 weeks, and when the USA airports/TSA/airlines have adequate protective measures in place…reopen the island to tourists.

The airport is currently scheduled to reopen on September 1st.
We are very busy with both rescheduling existing guests and booking new guests for future stays. While many airlines are accepting reservations for as early as July, we think that is too optimistic.

We encourage our guests to book for September and beyond. This may be our busiest September and October on record. The island is ready for your return!


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Private Villas Preferred Over Hotels and Resorts

Sunday, May 5, 2020

Crowded Beach

The travel industry has published a number of recent articles discussing how the world will travel in a post COVID-19 world. The privacy of a beachfront villa, coupled with the safety and COVID-awareness of our island-country landed Grand Cayman at the top of the list of travel agent recommendations in a recent CNBC article.

Villa bookings for the winter months are up strongly on Grand Cayman both due to demand for privacy and reduced demand for hotels with crowded beaches and pools. Why vacation with countless strangers when you can have an entire vacation villa with a pool and private beachfront all to yourself?

Steer clear of the crowds and vacation with family and friends in your own private vacation villa. Start planning today for a Winter 2020 or Spring Break 2021 trip and book later… when you’re ready for a tropical escape.

Search Villa Availability


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Our New Relaxed Cancellation Policy

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Options to cancel your stay

In response to extraordinary travel restrictions and global events, we have relaxed our cancellation policy and terms for all bookings made after March 14, 2020.

Please review our new policy outlined below.

1). Once the guest’s signed rental contract is confirmed with a deposit, should the guest cancel in writing prior to 60 days of arrival, half of the initial deposit (usually 25% of rent) will be refunded to the card on file, less a 3.50% processing/admin fee of the deposit. Should the villa owner be able to replace the reservation in whole or in part, the (prorated) un-refunded balance of the initial deposit will be returned less any re-booking costs incurred. Should the owner not be able to replace the reservation, the balance of the initial deposit is forfeited.

PANDEMIC/EPIDEMIC EXCEPTION: Should, at 60 days prior to arrival, a declared Pandemic or Epidemic threaten to prevent reasonable air transport options to the Cayman Islands, the guest may cancel and the entire initial deposit will be refunded, less a processing/admin fee of 3.50%.

2). Once full payment has been made (or the 60-day mark has passed and the guest has not paid the balance), should guest cancel in writing, GCVC will refund any occupancy taxes, cleaning fees and refundable damage deposits to the card on file. The dates will be opened on the calendar for rebooking. Should the reservation be replaced in whole or part, the guest will receive up to 100% of monies paid less rebooking charges incurred. Should GCVC not be able to replace the reservation, rent and service fee will be forfeited; however, guest will receive a credit for 50% of rent paid to be used for a similar stay at the same property, taken within 13 months of the original date of arrival.

PANDEMIC/EPIDEMIC EXCEPTION: Should a declared Pandemic or Epidemic prevent reasonable air transport options after full payment, the guest may cancel up until the day of arrival and all payments will be refunded, less a 3.50% processing/admin fee on all monies processed.

HURRICANE WARNING EXCEPTION: Should a hurricane warning (not a hurricane watch) affect Grand Cayman’s ability to welcome guests; the guest will have the option of rescheduling the trip with generous owner flexibility or a full 100% refund of all monies paid with no deduction.

We strongly advise the purchase of CSA trip interruption insurance to indemnify the risk of cancellation, weather delay, airline interruption, medical reason for non-travel, etc.


The Cayman Islands is a foreign country and has both entry and immigration requirements in order to enter. Entry into the Cayman Islands requires each person to present a valid passport. Citizens from some countries may require a visa. The Cayman Islands also may require tourists to submit to viral testing (either pre or post-arrival) or require proof of vaccination. Please check official government channels for current entry requirements (www.gov.ky) and for any visa requirements (www.immigration.gov.ky).

We strongly advise the purchase of CSA trip interruption insurance to indemnify the risk of cancellation, weather delay, airline interruption, medical reasons for non-travel, etc.

Please know that very few insurers will cover a declared pandemic.


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Cayman Airport Closure & Your Options to Rebook or Cancel

Monday, March 23, 2020

Owen Roberts International Airport

At the current time, there is a Level 4 Advisory from the US State Department advising to avoid international travel. To clarify, it is not a travel ban.

The Cayman Islands, as an independent country, closed its airport effective yesterday until midnight, April 12th, in order to prevent the importation of the virus and to allow its 65,000 citizens to self-isolate. Anyone returning to the Cayman Islands from abroad this weekend must self-quarantine for 14 days. The airport will be shut down, except for medical emergencies and cargo shipments. The Cayman Islands rely on tourism and takes virus prevention extremely seriously.

Our reservations team spent last week rescheduling and refunding over 185 guests who were immediately impacted for arrival until April 13th when our airport is rescheduled to reopen to international travel. Over 100 guests we are happy to say, decided to reschedule and take advantage of scheduling different dates, adding an extra free day, etc. Some guests just could not commit to dates or for health reasons could not commit to future travel. We refunded them 100%.

We now need to reach out to all guests arriving within the next 21-90 days to offer updated information and a flexible option.


Many of our homeowners have authorized us to offer to move affected guests with an arrival date up to 90 days out, to reschedule alternate future dates at full-value at the same property within the next 12-15 months. Flexible terms apply.

1.  If you would like to explore rescheduled dates in the future, please check your villa’s calendar following the instructions below. The owners will be very generous with dates and rate differences for guests whose travel may be impacted by travel restrictions or reduced flights from their resident country. We will turn around your request immediately and resend a Revised Statement of Guest Account. Those new dates can also be changed by yourself in the future, subject to villa availability.

2.  If you are arriving WITHIN the next 60 days and wish to cancel with a full refund, we must contact the villa owner to ask for that accommodation. See our contractual cancellation policy below. For refund requests beyond 60 days, please be patient and monitor conditions. If you cancel, per section II in the policy below, and take the ½ rent credit towards another stay at the villa, and your original dates become cancellable, of course, we will refund you 100%.

As always, if for your arrival date, or even your newly rescheduled arrival date, are impacted by the Cayman Islands refusing your plane to land for any reason, our homeowners will refund you 100%.


Our standard deposit terms are to pay in full 60 days prior to arrival. We have always automatically charged the card on the reservation at 60 days.  For arrivals through August 31st, we will collect the final payment 30 days prior to occupancy and will only charge the card on file after receiving permission from the cardholder.

We understand the disruptions the virus has caused in our everyday lives. However, we are looking to be as flexible as we can possibly be. Please understand that we act as an agent for over 80 different homeowners and each is different.

Grand Cayman Villas & Condos (GCVC) has been managing vacation villas on Grand Cayman for over 18 years. We are independently-owned, have an office on Grand Cayman and own Silver Thatch Guest Services, our exclusive guest services provider on-island.

We have staff and assets in place on-island and are committed to our guests and owners for the long-run. We will do whatever we can to accommodate our guests and owners during this period of anxiety & uncertainty.

Our Contractual Cancellation Policy

I.  Once “booked” (paid 50% of rent), should guest cancel (by written email or fax) prior to paying the full rental amount (or prior to 60 days from occupancy), 25% of the rent will be returned by US$ draft or credit card as soon as possible.  Should GCV be able to replace the reservation (or any portion), the prorated balance of the initial deposit will be returned less any re-booking costs and/or credit card fees incurred.  Should GCV not be able to replace the reservation, the remaining 25% of rent is forfeited.

II.  Once full payment has been made (or the 60-day mark has passed and the guest has not paid the balance), should guest cancel prior to arrival, every effort will be made to replace the reservation. Occupancy taxes and refundable damage deposits will be refunded in full immediately. Should the reservation be replaced (or any portion), the guest will receive a prorated balance of RENT paid less rebooking charges/credit card fees incurred.

III.  Should GCV not be able to replace the reservation, rent & service fee will be forfeited, however, guest will receive a credit for 50% of rent to be used as credit for a subsequent stay at the same property to be taken within 13 months of the date of cancellation.  We strongly advise the purchase of CSA trip interruption insurance to indemnify the risk of cancellation, weather delays, airline interruption, medical reason for non-travel, etc.  If a cancelling guest successfully claims CSA for trip insurance, the above credit is extinguished (as guest has been made whole.) To be clear: once the 60 day mark has been reached, the only funds returned will be any taxes & damage deposits paid unless the reservation is replaced in full.


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Rebooking Policy Due to Travel Restrictions

Monday, March 16, 2020


Airport VIP Meet and GreetAs the virus continues to affect world travel, many of our homeowners have reached out and authorized us to offer to move affected guests with an arrival date through April 30, 2020, to alternate future dates at full-value at the same property within the next 15 months (rather than apply 50% of rent lost towards a subsequent stay per our contractual cancellation policy).

Most of our homeowners have given us the discretion to be very generous and accommodating. If you are contemplating cancellation -or- we have already processed your cancellation, refunding taxes and the refundable security deposit with 50% of the rent credit to be used as stated above per your rental contract, AND YOU WOULD PREFER TO TRANSFER FULL-VALUE TO DATES IN THE FUTURE, please contact reservations@grandcaymanvillas.net with your reservation/folio number and dates for a future stay. We will confirm with the owner that option.

Many of our homeowners are also not going to nit-pick about future dates being a little more expensive than your current dates (except Holidays). Likewise, if your future picked dates are cheaper, you can either elect to stay longer or we can credit you the difference. Our homeowners are trying to be as accommodating as possible given the situation.

Grand Cayman Villas hompage

To view your villa’s calendar, visit our homepage, scroll to the middle of the page, and use the Find a Villa by Name tool (pictured on right) in the blue block along the left. Select your villa’s name, then click on the Calendar tab to view available dates. Remember, you can shift your dates at the same property up to 13 months out. Please let us know if this offer can help you and your group.

In the event, we may have already processed your cancellation, you can still partake in this option. Email our reservations team with your reservation/folio number, original dates of stay, along with your new proposed dates and we will follow-up accordingly.

Our homeowners, as well as our entire staff, ultimately want you to come and visit once we have safely weathered this storm.

We regret the disruptions the virus has caused in our everyday lives. However, we are looking to be as flexible as we can possibly be. Please understand that we act as an agent for over 80 different homeowners and each is different.

Again, if you have an arrival date through the end of April and prefer to shift your dates rather than cancel your stay altogether, please contact reservations@grandcaymanvillas.net with your reservation/folio number, original arrival, and departure dates, as well as your proposed new dates up to 15 months out (that we may also change later subject to availability).


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Cayman Islands Government on Alert as Coronavirus Spreads

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Cayman Islands Government Building

We at Grand Cayman Villas & Condos (GCVC) want to share with you what precautions the Cayman Islands government is taking, as well as what we are currently seeing, regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact on Grand Cayman tourism.

The Cayman Islands is a sovereign foreign country and controls its own airspace as well as ports. The Cayman Islands relies on tourism and the finance industry for a large percentage of GDP. They are not going to risk the health of tourists just to further those industries. Whether a hurricane, natural disaster or any health issue, our government acts quickly to protect both its citizens and visitors alike. Three weeks ago, the Port Authority refused entry of a cruise ship with one suspected case of COVID-19–turns out it was just the common flu. We tend to over-protect out of an abundance of caution.

Our island-nation of 65,000+ residents has the highest standard of living in the entire Caribbean with the best healthcare, telecommunications, and utility infrastructure.  We have 3 hospitals on-island, including the new Cayman Health City. We are not a 3rd world country by any means. We have many direct flights from US gateway cities and few visitors have to change planes abroad traveling with others who may have arrived from affected countries. We have no direct flights from Europe.

Our Cayman Health Service Authority (HSA) was placed on alert weeks ago regarding COVID-19 and maintains a website (https://www.hsa.ky/public-health/coronavirus/) to keep the public up to date. They report any suspected cases and are charged with protecting the public.

Our HSA, of course, must assume that the COVID-19 will ultimately affect Grand Cayman and has measures in places to quarantine and care for any affected individuals. The island is small so word travels quickly. Preventive measures like self-quarantine, increased personal hygiene, and more frequent hand-washing are commonplace. I was just there last week and spent each day driving around the island and speaking with many residents and government officials. Our restaurants, water sports providers and shops are in full swing. We don’t have remote areas on the island where the population is isolated from the news. Everyone knows what is happening globally and taking appropriate precautions.

We receive about 2-3 calls a day from confirmed guests (mostly new visitors to the island) asking if there are any travel restrictions to Cayman. There are none.

We welcome up to 3,000 passengers each day to our airport and Grand Cayman is very busy. Last week, we were sold out for both condos and villas and had to turn away business. The resort hotels are seeing some corporate event cancellations, but out of caution and corporate responsibility especially where attendees are arriving from European and Asian offices. Those vacancies have been filled in part by families scrambling to save spring breaks originally booked abroad.

We have seen an influx of last-minute inquiries from displaced families booked to Europe, the US Northwest, and the Far East as well as families canceling cruises.  Cayman has direct flights from the US and has the healthcare infrastructure and standard of living that rivals most cities in the USA.

We have seen only 5 last-minute villa cancellations due in part to COVID-19; 2 of them were due to a guest being quarantined as a precaution, 3 were out of a fear of flying (and we understand). Of the 5 cancellations, 2 of them were replaced with last-minute displaced tourists.

We do our best to be part of the solution when we can. We have over 80 families on-island right now enjoying the weather and time away.

Our unique cancellation policy can be reviewed at the following week: https://www.grandcaymanvillas.net/deposit-cancellation/

If a villa guest cancels, we understand it is usually out of their control and done so reluctantly. Outside of 60 days, we are standard and many times we can replace the booking to make the canceling guest almost whole (save the credit card fee we incurred to process their deposit).

If a guest cancels within 60 days and has paid in full, we not only refund the refundable damage deposit and 13% occupancy taxes collected, our owners provide that guest (unless the guest is compensated by trip insurance) a “credit” of 50% of the rent forfeited to use towards a future stay at the same villa, taken within 13 months of the original stay. Further, if the owner is able to replace any/all of the canceled dates, we will refund the guest pro-rata for any dates replaced and the future credit is reduced accordingly.

Many of our competitors are silent in their policy to replacing the canceled stay, tax refund, etc. GCVC feels our policy above is uniquely even-handed and balanced.

What our owners cannot do is to indemnify multiple guest risks of illness, death, military obligations, travel/flight delay or fear to responses of COVID-19. Our cancelation policies are set. We offer optional trip insurance to indemnify many of those risks.

SHOULD THE CAYMAN ISLANDS REFUSE TO ALLOW AIRCRAFT LANDINGS, that is tantamount to a Hurricane Warning and our “Cayman Kind” policy of issuing a full refund or full-value rescheduling of your vacation dates will come into play.

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism set this policy years ago and our owners enthusiastically support it. We want your future business.

Unless trip insurance was purchased prior to January 29th, CSA/Generali (our trip insurance provider) has specifically exempted any COVID-19 related claims as a “Foreseeable Risk” post-January 29th. Standard risks are still covered.

Thanks for your business and we look forward to welcoming you to Grand Cayman.

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