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Grand Cayman As An Island Choice In The Caribbean

Grand Cayman continues to enjoy a very high standard of living, safety and low unemployment. As the 5th largest financial center in the world; our professional residents and seasoned travelers demand high standards for pure water, reliable electricity, state-of-the-art telecommunications and of course, excellent medical care. Grand Cayman is a very convenient direct flight from North America, and has one of the best records for public safety of any developed Caribbean island.

Unlike the eastern Caribbean islands; our Cayman oceanfront rental villas are almost ALL on the actual beach; not in the mountains/hills overlooking the water. We have 10+ rental car vendors and you can drive just about anywhere on this flat 22 mile-wide island. All beaches are technically “public”, so whether it is the Ritz-Carlton beach or the beach at Morritt’s Tortuga Resort in East End; we want you to feel welcome here.

Political stability is perhaps one of the biggest draws of Grand Cayman. The recent violence in western Mexico and crime in some of the windward islands has steered many tourists our direction in 2012 & 2013. For the Christmas and New Years holidays, we have been 95% sold out by Easter each year. When affluent families travel; safety is a primary concern.

In terms of VALUE; villas on Grand Cayman are an outstanding value compared not only to the other (more developed) Caribbean islands and countries like Barbados, St. Barths, St. Maarten, Anguilla and Antigua; but even when comparing our villas to east coast (USA) beach house rentals in North Carolina; we are similarly priced and don’t charge as many administrative fees! St. John and Turks & Caicos are our closest “peer” Caribbean island-nations. While very lush; St. John has twice the rainfall of Grand Cayman and is a travel odyssey (plane to St. Thomas, cab ride to the east coast, ferry to St. John & then your rental jeep; only to arrive late in the day); and the villas are mostly hillside. Turks & Caicos is more similar to Grand Cayman;  offering a wonderful beach in Grace Bay, but lacks a central “city” of commerce with activities, restaurants, etc. Turks & Caicos also has a cooler climate from January – April (Grand Cayman is further south in the western Caribbean).

Lastly; with the building of the Devi Shetty Hospital at Grand Cayman’s “Health City”; Grand Cayman has joined the Medical Tourism industry with a state of the art cardiac & orthopedic hospital for performing procedures at a very low (relative) cost in the western hemisphere. It is anticipated that this hospital will also become a teaching university and a center for medical tourism in the Caribbean. The eastern half of the island has shown significant growth as a result of this significant investment near the “Blow Holes” in East End. A 6-story hotel is to break ground in 2016 to offer accommodation to patients and their families.