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Grand Cayman Villas
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Plan Your Vacation in Grand Cayman

VIP Concierge type ideas:

Look At the CITA discounts—-



1)      Complimentary Fast Track service at the counter.   This is something especially valuable on busy days.  Would be similar to a First Class or Business Class line at the airport.
2)      Complimentary use of our personal concierge.  We started a new company called The Cayman Experience for the purpose of destination management services.   We can offer someone to assist in making plans, dinner reservations and related for their trip.  The experience can begin a month prior to arrival

Also Jim you should note that we do carry the large Hyundai Vans,  convertibles,  Expeditions of course and will soon take delivery of BMW Sedans.   In addition, many of our vehicles are upgraded over the regular car rental and some of our premium vehicles include leather and power sunroof where our competition does not.


Restaurants: 10% off their bill

Lighthouse, Tukka, Rum Point, Kaibo Yacht Club.


Watersports at Red Sail:

20% discount on their bill;