Let's Plan Your Cayman Vacation!
Grand Cayman Villas


We have a few different types of discounted “special deals” that can make your vacation in Grand Cayman more affordable.

1.   September & October 20% Discounts. Almost all of our owners participate! This works out well for both parties. Since we also provide a (local) hurricane guarantee for the villas…regardless of season; you are not at risk for your funds paid; only a potential interruption or rescheduling due to a pending storm threatening Grand Cayman. Please read the cancellation language in the sample lease. See more below on Hurricane Season.

2.   Free 5th, 6th or 7th nights at select villas and condos during the low season dates of April 15 – Dec 15.

3.   Unadvertised “last-minute” special rates that are only available within 45, 30 days and 15 days at select villas. These can be as much as 45% below the lowest season rate (discounts are cumulative too!) and would be in addition to any seasonal or special rates. We don’t advertise them or name the villas that participate. The only way to see the specials is to do a search within 45, 30 and 15 days of occupancy and see the extra-low rate in the search results. Truly, “Last-Minute Specials”.

4.     Nearby Construction discounts for 15-25%. If there is immediately adjacent construction, we will know about it and encourage the owner to advertise a discount, even though he or she has no control over it. Those discounts CAN BE ADDED together with last minute and seasonal specials.

5.   Longer-term rentals are negotiable. 3-6 week rentals tend to offer a 15-25% discount; longer-term rentals can be discounted as much as 40% or more.

6.    REPEAT GUEST DISCOUNTS. A new program; a few select owners have decided to offer current guests a 10% discount for rebooking (directly with Grand Cayman Villas) within 60 days of departing the villa…to be used within 13 months of departure. Please check with us.


June 1 – November 30 is “Hurricane Season” on both coasts of the USA and in the Caribbean. The accommodations sector of Grand Cayman, has adopted probably the most “guest-friendly” policy in the Western Hemisphere. Please read below:

While that is technically in the middle of “hurricane season” (June 1 – November 30); Your lease with us is protected from hurricane risk without additional insurance. The owners realize that they have to be flexible if a guest is prevented from arriving or has to depart early due to an impending storm.  If the airport is shut down on Grand Cayman and or there is a “Hurricane WARNING”  (not WATCH) for the island…we will either refund your monies paid in full or work with you to rearrange the stay. The latter is usually more beneficial to the guests, as the owners are super flexible with dates and even have been known to substitute a high season stay for one booked at a deeply discounted September rate.  Guests should explore all avenues.