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Private Concierge Fitness And Business Center For Villa Guests

Front-CPA-Colored-JPGOur big news for 2014 is that we have purchased a commercial building lot on Frank Sound Road at the entrance of the (proposed) “Ironwood Town Center”.

Ironwood is a 350 acre proposed residential/office/retail community with an Arnold Palmer-designed golf course. Key to it’s success will be the extension of the by-pass road (that currently ends in Savannah) all the way to Frank Sound Road. Tourists will be able to drive from the airport to the North Coast of the island in 25 minutes instead of the current 40 minutes.

“Silver Thatch Plaza” will be a 5,000 sq. ft. Caribbean-styled retail shopping plaza with a few tenants as well as a Villa Guest Concierge Office and (upstairs) a private (villa guests and owners only) exercise facility. “Silver Thatch Concierge” will also offer a business center for villa guests who require access to a computer, wifi, printer, fax, scanner, etc. while on vacation.

Most of the larger villas will offer complimentary membership; and for those that don’t include it;  a reasonable daily rate will be offered. Our planned partners/tenants will include Tortuga Liquors, Domino’s Pizza and “Beach Bubbles” gift shop; as well as a realtor and the Ironwood development team.