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Plan Your Vacation in Grand Cayman

GCV is a booking/marketing agent for on-island property managers, agents and owners of oceanfront villas and a few higher end condos. We are members of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) & maintain a strong relationship with the Cayman Island Department of Tourism. We offer those properties that we have personally visited and inspected. All of our properties are Gov’t inspected and licensed. If you own an oceanfront villa and would like to explore marketing that villa with us, please click Our MARKETING LINK


In this internet world it is important to know who you are doing business with; that they know the properties and island well and that they are honest and well-respected on the island.

I currently own two homes on the island– 5BR Cayman Castle and 2BR Castle Guesthouse. I also manage the marketing and bookings for over 60 properties for their owners as well as act as commissioned agent for the rest of the properties & condos on the site. I have visited all of them. I personally have a significant investment in Grand Cayman and I visit the island often.

Feel free to contact any business in the Northside or East End of the island at random to ask about me and the way I treat folks. We try to take care of you even before you arrive.

I have listed a few references below that you are free to contact. I also am known by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (www.caymanislands.ky) & Cayman Islands Tourism Authority (www.cita.ky ). Please feel free to click my Linked In profile.

Ocean Frontiers Steve Broadbelt 345-947-7500
Cayman Kai-North Coast Resorts Thelda Whittaker 345-916-5312
Boats & Butlers Shawn Lunt 345-916-2838
Kaibo Yacht Club Daniel Petts 345-947-9975
Tukka Restaurant Ron Hargrave 345-947-9975
Rum Point Club Walter Findlay 345-947-9412
Coral Stone Club Valerie Tognazzo 345-945-5820
The Meridian Lee McGlachlan 345-945-4002
Sotheby’s Real Estate Patty Nugent 345-525-3003
David Wolfe Photography David Wolfe 345-916-4146


Jim Leavitt Didi Templeman Grace Albritton
Principal- ext #1 Accounting- ext #2 Reservations- ext #3
Grand Cayman Villas