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Best Unbiased Opinions To Help You Plan

Our favorite USA Blogger and US Ambassador to Grand Cayman is Val Kegel; Delta Airlines Flight Attendant and unbiased expert. Her “Visitor’s Guide to Grand Cayman” she lovingly calls her “Passenger’s Picks“. Passenger information to be shared with other passengers.

Val has been coming to Grand Cayman for many years and hands out her “fact sheet” to arriving passengers in the plane on the way down…and then takes feedback from departing passengers on the way back. Her favorite medium of taking notes? Cocktail napkins!  She comes back with dozens of them and integrates them into her fact sheet she updates weekly.

3 bad strikes for a restaurant, service or water-sports vendor and she pulls them off her sheet and lets the vendor know why. They can only earn their way back on with positive comments received by her passengers! That is the way it should be.

Truly an unbiased communication from her passengers (hence the name). It is not Val’s opinion..it is the opinion of her passenger customers. She helps to raise the bar for service and quality on Grand Cayman. If you fly Delta down to Cayman from Atlanta, please say hello from us. We, as well as many others on island, donate money each year to www.passengerpicks.com to reimburse her expenses of printing and website hosting. You can also donate to her cause at www.passengerpicks.com . She has been a flight attendant for 42 years and when she retires we will sorely miss her blog and website.

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association ( CITA) recently named her an honorary Ambassador!

Please click www.passengerpicks.com to see her fact sheets. Print them out and bring them with you if you aren’t flying Delta from Atlanta!

Val Kegel Picks