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Guest Services

While our company acts as booking agent between owner and guest; we also visit the island often and evaluate the restaurants, water-sports providers and personal services offered.  We vet them all and assemble our “preferred providers” in detailed PDFs that we send to our confirmed guests with each payment receipt. The same information can be found in our smartphone APP.

CURRENTLY; GUEST SERVICES is not “Concierge Service” as you might find at a luxury hotel. Concierge implies a personal service that makes reservations, arranges transport, hire chefs/cooks, engages tour operators, etc.  Most Concierges around the world also are compensated by the vendors that  they recommendWe are different.

On Grand Cayman, many of the vendors also request deposits, menu selections and personal credit card details that we just don’t want to be involved with for obvious reasons.

Grand Cayman Villas Guest Services

Our company does not accept any commissions or referral fees for the services we recommend. To do so would compromise our ability to candidly recommend the best people/services.  Rather than accept any compensation from service-providers, we have put together the Silver Thatch program of preferred vendors that passes on any special offer directly to our guests in the form of a % discount on their goods and services. We have a list of those preferred vendors and services at the Silver Thatch website.

Guest Services at our booking company includes not only the Silver Thatch Program, but also maintaining/sending our guest PDFs, maintaining our proprietary smartphone APP and also mailing out the Silver Thatch Cards to our confirmed (direct-booking) guests.

As we build out our office on Grand Cayman in 2016; we will be expanding our Guest Services to include parcel acceptance/mailing, a business center with computers and printers for guests, on-site and in-villa spa services, a private cardio/yoga facility and an on-island person who can help to facilitate a quick response to a guest request. See www.silverthatchcayman.com for details

In late 2017; as we hire a dedicated on-island manager for the Silver Thatch facility; we also will move our card-printing and pre-arrival process to the island.  We will ask our arriving guest to collect their “key package” at our offices on the way to their villa.

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