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Most of our villa owners ask us to hold a REFUNDABLE “Excess cleaning/maintenance/damage” deposit above and beyond the $49 accidental damage protection (ADP) fee that covers the guest for up to $2,000 of accidental minor damages. While the “maintenance” and “damage” components are self-explanatory; the “excess cleaning” warrants an explanation:

We rarely have an occasion, but sometimes it does happen, where a guest leaves the house a complete wreck upon departure. The housekeepers only have 5 hours to turn around a house and cannot be asked to wash/dry dirty dishes, take out bags of trash, sweep up heavy sand tracked through the house or rearrange furniture that the guest has moved.  The deposit also covers damaged items not covered by the $49 ADP fee above.  Some of the villa owners offer kayaks, bikes, etc…some have artwork, pianos, etc.  Having a deposit at risk encourages proper attention to the house and contents. This refundable deposit of $250 – $2,500 is held by our company and is returned to your card on file 7 days after departure.  We need to explain below what it covers and what the owner expects from you upon day of departure:

  • No dirty dishes or food items in the sink, on counter or kitchen area. It should look like you found it upon arrival.
  • No lost, damaged or stained (make-up is the worst) beach & bath towels.
  • No excess sand inside the house. Please sweep up sand if accidentally tracked into the house.
  • No trash, including cigar/cigarette butts, beverage cans on the beach or in landscaping.
  • All trash bags need to be taken out to the street garbage bins prior to departure.
  • Furniture shall be in the location it was upon arrival, including outdoor tables, chairs and deck lounges (your contract specifically mentions this).



  • Collect all passports the night before.
  • Please look under all beds and dressers for personal items. Check outlets for chargers and electronic items. Walk the beach for personal items and trash.
  • Lock up any bicycles and bring kayaks up to the place you found them on arrival (lock if instructed)
  • Throw away all opened wet food items. Leave all dry foods, frozen foods, unused paper products and spices in place for maids to sort.
  • Feel free to leave any usable alcohol items for maids as well.
  • Strip bed linens and leave in a pile next to each bed. Please place all dirty towels in laundry.
  • Set A/C to 80 degrees.
  • If you are of a mind, please start a load of towels for the maids. Those take the longest time to turn around.
  • We thank you. The housekeepers appreciate not being forgotten.  If the house was in great shape when you arrived, it was the people who are cleaning up behind you that made it that way.