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Whether renting a hotel, condo or villa; rental guests are ultimately responsible for damage caused to the property/contents by themselves or their invited guests. ADP coverage offers our guests some peace of mind with respect to breakage.


While your credit card is held on file for intentional/negligent damage or loss; our villa owners realize that accidents happen and things break and wear out. We also want to encourage our guests to report any damage during their stay so that the manager may repair/replace for the next guest.

In lieu of holding a large security/damage deposit, almost all of our owners have opted to offer the Accidental Damage Protection Plan for a flat $49 fee (per stay) that covers the guest for up to $2,000 of accidental, non-negligent damage to the house and contents.

*ADP does not cover damage/loss to kayaks, bicycles or other outdoor recreational equipment an owner may include with the rental. Most owners also hold a refundable cleaning/maintenance deposit to cover excess cleaning, soiled upholstery, removal of sand from the house or returning heavy furniture that has been moved by guests.  

It also does not cover accidental damage that results from weddings or special events held during a guest’s stay.  Supplemental wedding/event deposits are used for that purpose.

ADP Coverage is for accidental damage to “breakables”: such as coffee carafes, blenders, glasses, plates, small appliances, window/door screens, draperies, table top glass, lamps, furniture, cook-tops, etc.  It is the obligation of the guest to report any damage to the local manager right away to be covered by the policy. After departure may be too late for us to replace the items or have them repaired for the next arriving guest.

broken-lamp2We want to encourage guests to let us know what damage they found on arrival. We ask that they please alert the manager immediately or email our offices so that we can get the repairs ordered. In the end we want each guest to have the same first impression for the property.