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Grand Cayman Villas



Why Visit Grand Cayman Island?

Of the many Caribbean Islands to consider for your vacation, we think that Grand Cayman is a pretty special place.

Families tend to do Grand Cayman one of two general ways:

7 Mile Beach Condos or Hotels

Stay in a nice hotel or oceanfront condo on 7 Mile Beach; with maximum convenience, multi-family living, a barefoot white sand PERFECT beach (that means no snorkeling/fish-watching, as fish need a place to live!). That convenience has a higher cost however; and is also more crowded with other guests, cruise ship visitors and car/pedestrian traffic. Easy walking to restaurants, water sports and grocery stores; fitness facilities, daily maid service (6-7% grats) nearby golf, tennis and shopping!

Private Oceanfront Villas

Families looking for more privacy, larger groups or those looking for more of an “island” feel  tend to rent one of the 300+ oceanfront villas (stand-alone homes) that dot the north, east and south coasts of this 22-mile-wide island (Rum Point, Cayman Kai, Northside, East End and South Sound). These natural beaches are reef-protected and offer vibrant snorkeling, very few people on YOUR beach, and a much better value as well as privacy. Most have private swimming pools. Villas located within the resort neighborhood of Cayman Kai also have the barefoot beaches, watersports and restaurants within walking distance. The only true inconvenience is that you must rent a car/van to shop, explore and visit the nearby resorts & facilities that offer water sports, manicured beaches, crystal caves, fishing charters and restaurants, etc. A 5BR Villa with private pool; during certain times of the year can be  50-70% of the cost of a 3BR condo on 7MB during the same week. Click our extensive (Google) MAP to see where the villas are located with respect to the grocery stores, water sports, restaurants, etc.

Why Visit Grand Cayman Island


Economic Vitality

As a British Crown Colony, the Cayman Islands (like Bermuda) enjoy the protection, language, law and tradition of the British Monarchy. Grand Cayman is also the  5th largest financial center in the world (behind New York, London, Tokyo & Hong Kong). Grand Cayman’s economic vitality, standard of living, literacy rate and low crime rate are the envy of every Caribbean Country.  No handguns, casinos, pornography or peddlers on the beach. Cayman is as safe as it possible can be. We work hard at it.

Political Stability

With a (Queen appointed) Governor and an elected local government, the Cayman Islands manage their economy, tourism, monetary base and even a stock exchange autonomously. Cayman used to be part of Jamaica until 1959 when Jamaica seceded from the British Commonwealth. It is rumored that the Queen was so grateful she granted the islands tax-free status. All rental villas on the island are inspected & licensed by the CI Department of Tourism. They have a vested interest in your vacation experience, and their standards are high.

Low Crime Rate

While other countries and islands can be less expensive and offer full-time staff for their villas; those other countries also have high unemployment, lax/corrupt police forces and severe poverty. Those three attributes also lead to a much higher crime rate as well. Grand Cayman has less than 3% unemployment, a strict police force and a large prison which they use vigorously. Personal safety while one is on vacation should be paramount.

Water Sports in the Caribbean 

Grand Cayman is a very popular tourist destination with world-class snorkeling and scuba-diving in its clear waters and sunbathing on its beautiful beaches. The reefs around the Cayman Islands are protected & monitored by the government to maintain their pristine condition for many years to come. In other countries, over fishing, dynamite fishing and the lack of conservation programs have led to the demise of their reefs.

Modern Infrastructure

This island of 60,000 people has many excellent restaurants, a modern airport, quality tourist attractions and an infrastructure of pure water, great roads, modern telecommunications and THREE hospitals ( including the brand new Cayman Health City in east End) that can handle our many visitors easily. US $ are readily accepted at every business. Many US cell phones work on the island ($10 micro-simm cards available) and our supermarkets are as modern as those in the United States. We use standard 110v electrical outlets as well.

Convenient Flights & Security

With 10-15 direct flights daily from gateway cities within the USA & Canada, there is no need to change planes outside the country where airport security may be questionable or even non-existent. United, Delta, JetBlue, American, West Jet, Air Canada, Cayman Airways & several charters all service the island.


Unlike Bermuda, where you have to either take a taxi or drive a dangerous moped–Rental cars & vans on the island are readily available from 10 rental car agencies directly across the street from the airport. All of the American rental car companies, as well as 4-5 local rental companies, stock many classes of vehicles. Most are available for online reservation as well.


Our climate varies annually by only 10 degrees on average, so Grand Cayman is enjoyable year-round. Although in the summer months the temperatures can climb into the mid 90’s; Cayman’s “tradewind breezes” from the east help keep the island cooler, lower the humidity and make screen porches not as essential for the homes on the north/south/east coasts. Rainfall on this western Caribbean island averages about 50 inches per year on the west coast and  only 20 inches per year on the north & east coasts; as compared to the “Windward Islands” in the eastern Caribbean of St. Lucia, Barbados and Martinique which receive as much as 100 inches of rain per year.