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Weddings by Vero & Customer Errands

www.weddingsbyvero.com  is our full A to Z weddings planning service. I am a Certified Wedding Consultant, proud member of the famous Association of Bridal Consultants. I provide my clients with the full experience of planning their wedding,  injecting the fun in to the adventure and minimize the stress that so often accompanies this memorable event. We aim to have the Bride and Groom experience the weddings day as guests themselves. We have relationships in place with all the key vendors and suppliers to ensure that a wedding planned by us is elegant, tasteful, but also fun, dynamic, full of surprise and most importantly, one that exceeds the dreams of our Couple.


www.customerrands.ky is diverse and service based. Our Errands/Concierge service specialises in providing tailored and professional services to the Cayman residential and business market place. The nature of our business and the requests we receive from clients mandate that we conduct ourselves discreetly, sensitive to our clients’ needs. Aside from some of our clients being successful companies here, we work for a number of high profile, high net worth individuals on island and are often trusted with full access to their 7 Mile Beach condos, their private lives, and personal information. We also provide our services to Grand Cayman various condos and resorts, from North Side to West Bay, and regularly take care of their guests for services such as grocery shopping, Notary Public needs, Pets relocation, etc.


We are diverse in the breadth of services we offer. We are unique in Cayman in that we are a Mobile Notary Public (the first), an event planner and have been made by our customers # 1 Facilitator of importing pure breed pets to the island. In fact, we have successfully brought in over 130 puppies to the Caymans in the last three years and also assist many people with their pet (s) relocations, to and from Cayman. Our Concierge/Errands running service has us doing many varied tasks from meals deliveries, grocery shopping and car licensing, to pet sitting, house sitting, laundry pick ups and much more.

Veronique Bise


ABC Wedding Consultant, Pets Import, Personal Concierge & Mobile Notary Public
Cayman Islands
P: 926 5599

E: vbise@customerrands.ky
W: www.customerrands.ky



Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Banking needs – make deposits, pick up statements, get change
·         Bill paying – write the bills, prepare the envelopes, mail them, pay at payment location
·         Buy and deliver flowers
·         Car Services  pick-up and drop off for car wash, oil change, repairs
·         Car licensing
·         Cookie/Cupcake delivery to child’s classroom
·         Drop off forgotten homework/lunches/documents to your child/husband
·         Drop off/Pick-up dry cleaning
·         Drop off/Pick-up prescriptions
·         Grocery shopping, personal shopping
·         Jewelry, shoe, watch repair – pick-up and drop off
·         Pick-up/Drop off movie rentals
·         Post office needs – buy stamps, drop off/pick-up mail or packages
·         Return library books
·         Mobile Notary Public
·         Immigration and Government related tasks
·         Translation English-french and vice versa
·         Computer research and online shopping, shipping, delivering, setting
·         CV preparation
·         Document typing / dictation service
·         Transcriptions
·         Offices supplies purchase/delivery
·         Event planning from A to Z
·         Party Help – set up, meet / greet guests, sit guests, help with directing activities, serve food, clean up
·         Wedding planning
·         Baby shower
·         Bridal shower
·         Baptism
·         Valentine’s
·         Christmas Party
·         Product Launches
·         Appreciation Day
·         Marketing events
·         Children birthday parties planning
·         Corporate event planning
·         Garage sale organization
·         Gift baskets to your clients/friends/family members/guests
·         Gift buying/exchanging/returning/wrapping/delivering
·         Grocery shopping
·         Holiday Help/wrapping/delivery
·         House sitting / Pet sitting/small breed facilitator
·         Moving help/packing/furniture setting
·         Employee Relocation from A to Z
·         Office/House/Apartment finder & Office/Home organizing
·         Schedule appointments
·         Business / leisure travel organization and booking
·         Waiting services – at client’s home for deliveries or service, in line for tickets, at court/car licensing department, delivering items for repair
·         Writing invitations/thank you notes/complaint letters/birth announcements


          Fill your fridge with groceries before your arrival

·         Seasonal opening/closing
·         Utilities set-up
·         Grocery shopping
·         Deliver a tasty breakfast to your door
·         Pick-up / Drop-off movie rentals
·         Restaurants bookings
·         Trips Organizing
·         Set-up your personal and professional travels
·         Organize your car rental
·         Events organizing from A to Z

And anything else you can think of !

 * (345) 926 5599 * P.O. Box 32070  Grand Cayman  KY1-1208 * www.customerrands.ky * errands@customerrands.ky *



Hours of business will be between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, week days only, excluding public holidays. Service outside of hours, week-ends, bank holidays for example is at the discretion of the company and on a case by case basis. Extra fees will be applicable. Business hours do not apply to events or services that require after hours; i.e. Parties, weddings, Business after hours events etc.Services are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. To best serve the client, we request 24-hour notice on all services (except courier, Notary Public and emergencies), in which case we’ll do everything we can to accommodate the request. 
All Services
  • Hourly charge                                                                         $40.00 CI per hour
  • Billed minimum one hour
  • Time cannot be accumulated and carried forward
  • ½ hour billing at the discretion of CustomERrands
  • Billing is commenced from commencement of errand to completion. This includes drive time to origination point of errand – i.e. West Bay.

Mobile Notary Public

  • Notarised document service. Coverage area, Bodden Town

to the Safehaven complex

1 document                                                                             $15.00 per doc. + 15.00 petrol and travel
2 documents                                                                            $15.00 per doc. + 10.00 petrol and travel
3 documents and more within an hour                                   $40.00
Hourly rate                                                                              $40.00
  • Full Fee for no show or no sign

Emergency / After Hours Service

  • Emergency (3 hours or less notice) / bank holidays                $50.00 CI per hour
  • Same day as request notice                             additional        $10.00 CI to the bill
  • After hours / week-ends                                 additional        $ 5.00 CI per hour
  • Local Jails                                                                               $75.00 CI per hour
  • Billing is commenced from commencement of errand

to completion. This applies to drive time to origination point of errand – i.e. West Bay.

  • Billed minimum one hour
  • Time cannot be accumulated and carried forward
  • ½ hour billing at the discretion of CustomERrands

Event Planning

    • All pricing will be customized on a per client /case basis.
    • All events to be managed by Veronique Bise.

Client Payment Terms

  • All services provided due for payment same day
  • Corporate accounts available on contract, purchasing blocks of time in advance.
  • Late payments on invoicing will attract a monthly interest charge of 5%
  • Partial hour billing at the discretion of CustomERrands

*(345) 926 5599 * P.O. Box 32070 Grand Cayman  KY1-1208 * www.customerrands.ky * errands@customerrands.ky *