Save Big with Reopening Rates!

Get a free night with our reopening rates!
Book with confidence and stay longer for less with priced-in savings using our Reopening Rates.

The Cayman Islands will reopen for stay-over tourism later this Summer. An official reopening date has yet to be announced as the island races to vaccinate 70-80% of its adult population. Once that goal is met an official reopen date will soon follow.

For the latest updates on travel conditions, entry requirements, and arrival protocols visit our Cayman Islands’ Reopening page.

In the meantime, while the powers that be formulate a reopening strategy, we’ve revamped our villa pricing by adding weekly rates that include welcome-back incentives!

Our intention is to reward travelers returning to our island with extra savings for extended stays.

Here’s how our Reopening Rates work:

    • * 5-6 night stays default to the daily rate.
    • * 7+ night stays default to the weekly rate with 1 free night priced in—Stay for 7, Pay for 6 at the daily rate!

If you are planning a 5-6 night stay in Grand Cayman you might consider extending to 7 nights to take advantage of the priced-in free night. Why stay for 6 when you can stay for 7 at the same price, right?

This pandemic combined with a harsh winter has generated pent-up demand for travel to warmer destinations. Once an official reopening date is announced, and airlines begin scheduling additional flights to Cayman, we anticipate a continued surge of bookings.

Currently, we are advising vaccinated travelers to book from July 2021 onward without hesitation.

Take advantage of our Reopening Rates and secure your free night when you book a 7-night stay. Beat the crowds to lock in the best dates for later this year, or early 2022!