Reopening FAQs

Cayman Tourism Reopening
To beach, or not to beach, and other questions about reopening.

As of today, the Cayman Islands are 16 days away from welcoming the first wave of tourists under Phase 3 of the border reopening plan.

Phase 4 will see a dramatic loosening of travel restrictions. Beginning October 14, Phase 4 removes the 5-day quarantine requirement for all vaccinated adult arrivals.

Phase 5, effective November 18, will allow unvaccinated children (11 and under) to travel freely with their vaccinated parents without needing to quarantine.

With travel restrictions removed for all vaccinated adults and families, we expect tourism to rebound quickly heading into the end of 2021 and beyond.

To help you plan your travel, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to navigate the island’s reopening plan.

Frequently Asked Questions on Reopening

Q). I am an unvaccinated adult. Can I claim an exemption to visit the Cayman Islands without quarantine upon reopening?

A). No. The Cayman Islands Government’s (CIG) official reopening plan does not accommodate unvaccinated arrivals to bypass the 14-day quarantine requirement. The CIG will make a determination at the end of Jan 2022 on whether to welcome unvaccinated arrivals without quarantine. Until then, unvaccinated tourists should consider other destinations with lenient travel restrictions.

Q).  When do you expect airlines to expand flight options to Grand Cayman?

A). According to an article in the Cayman Compass, reps from US airlines confirmed to the Department of Tourism they will ramp up service to the Cayman Islands this fall.

JetBlue and Delta have signaled a willingness to restart limited service during the 5-week period between Phase 3 & 4 of reopening (Sep 9 – Oct 14).

American Airlines has no plans to add flights until after October 14 when Phase 4 of reopening lifts the 5-day quarantine for vaccinated adult arrivals.

We will share any news from US airlines expanding service to Cayman on our Island Reopening page.

Q). What happens to my reservation if there are no flight options to Cayman, or the island closes the border again?

A). Under these scenarios, our flexible cancellation policy provides two options: 1) you can elect to defer your dates at no penalty up to a year out at the same property, or 2) you may cancel for a full refund less a 3.50% processing fee.

Q). My reservation was made after March 15, 2021, but I changed my mind and will not be getting vaccinated. Can I cancel for a full refund?

A). Our standard cancellation terms apply. Our homeowners cannot indemnify against your decision to not get vaccinated, therefore, our standard cancellation clause would apply. The rental contract you signed clearly discloses that Cayman conditions entry upon vaccination.

Q). What is Travel Cayman?

A). Travel Cayman is the CIG’s online application portal for travel to the Cayman Islands. Beginning October 14, under Phase 4 of reopening, all arrivals must pre-register their travel intent and register their vaccination status with Travel Cayman.

Q). How am I supposed to verify my vaccine status with Travel Cayman?

A). Honestly, this is currently a moving target the CIG is trying to figure out. We anticipate travelers will be able to upload their CDC vaccination cards via the Travel Cayman portal. However, we also recommend each traveler obtain a copy of their official immunization record from their physician or local state Department of Health as additional documentation of their COVID-19 vaccination. Once we have official guidance from the CIG on this matter we will share it with all confirmed guests.

Q).  What are the penalties for providing a fake vaccination card?

A). Stay far away if you are not willing to respect and abide by the laws of our country. You’re risking serious jail time (2 years) and over US$12,000 in fines for endangering public health should you provide fraudulent medical records in an effort to gain entry.

Q).  Are there any travel restrictions I must follow for my return flight home?

Yes. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic. As such, the US and Canada require all travelers to present to the airlines a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 3 days of travel in order to board the aircraft. For official guidance, US citizens should visit the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) website. Canadian citizens, please visit the Government of Canada’s official website.

Q).  Is Grand Cayman a safe destination in regard to COVID?

A). Absolutely! The Cayman Islands remain COVID-free with no instances of community transmission in well over a year. Plus, over 70% of the local adult population is vaccinated. Grand Cayman is one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean.

Q).  Should I book a villa or condo?

A). That all depends on your risk tolerance for crowd density. A private villa will always be the safest option. Crowds are limited to just the members of your group with more livable square footage for everyone to spread out.

Condos are slightly more confining in size and come with more shared common areas to navigate—pools, elevators, lobby, etc. Condos on Seven Mile Beach have the advantage of being on the island’s top beach and are walkable to many restaurants and attractions.

Q). Is CSA Travel Insurance worth it?

A). Yes. Given all the uncertainty with travel, CSA/Generalli Global Assitance has added COVID-19 protection benefits covering all members of your party. Read their COVID & Travel FAQ for more details on coverages and policy limits.