Health City – An International Hospital for Cardiac and Orthopedic Care

Health City Grand Cayman in Cayman's East End
Health City Grand Cayman in Cayman’s East End

No only is Grand Cayman noted for its beautiful blue water and wonderful restaurants, it is also home to one of the best International hospitals in the Caribbean, providing tertiary cardiac and orthopaedic care.  Health City Cayman Islands is a super specialty medical resource for adult cardiology, pediatric cardiology, adult and pediatric cardiac surgery, anaesthesiology, orthopaedic surgery, pulmonology, pediatric endocrinology, critical care services and diagnostic services.

Health City Cayman Islands is located in the East End.  The doctors are of the highest caliber and employ the most advanced techniques to treat both adult as well as pediatric patients.

Health City Cayman Islands embodies the vision of world-renowned heart surgeon, humanitarian and healthcare visionary, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty. It brings together all of the essential elements to deliver healthcare as it has never been done before.

The chances of one of our Grand Cayman Villas and Condos guests needing to visit Health City is quite rare.  In fact, we are happy to report that we haven’t had an incident.  A dear family friend of ours, however, suffered a heart attack while on a cruise with his wife and docked in Grand Cayman.  Emergency personnel took swift action transferring him to Health City.  They inserted a stent and our dear friend was home in the USA the following week.   His wife remarked to us that she could not get over the quality of care from the nurses to the doctors.

Health City also does extensive charity work for the children of Haiti.  Through Cayman’s Have a Heart charity, pediatric cardiologists have performed 64 life-saving, cardiac procedures on Haitian children.

“I just have a big, big thanks to say to everyone,” said Marie Jean-Julien, speaking through an interpreter on the flight back to Haiti on Saturday morning. Her 17-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Jean-Julien, recently underwent a corrective procedure for heart disease at Health City Cayman Islands.

Marie said the change in her daughter following the medical procedure had been astounding. She said before the procedure, her daughter’s lips would sometimes turn blue, her face was ashen and she went through periods where she could not, or would not, eat.

“I didn’t know before from day-to-day if [Elizabeth] would die, she could not run, she could not walk too far, not too much. I thank God and everyone for everything,” she said.

We are fortunate to have such great doctors and nurses on Grand Cayman.  We are extremely appreciative of all of the good work they do!