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The Perfect Setting For A Family Portrait

David Wolfe Photography


If you’re planning a destination wedding in Grand Cayman, naturally you’re going to hire a professional photographer. But, how often do you think about hiring a professional photographer to commemorate a family vacation?

Many of our Grand Cayman Villas and Condos guests come to Grand Cayman to celebrate special occasions.  Sometimes they’re celebrating a milestone birthday.   Sometimes the celebration is an important anniversary or a family reunion.    If this is something you’re thinking about doing I encourage you to capture the spirit and joy of the week and schedule a family portrait!

Two of my favorite photographers on Grand Cayman happen to be husband and wife.  Melissa Wolfe and David Wolfe of A Better Angle Photography  do amazing work.  They’re friendly and so easy to work with.  Everyone in your group will be relaxed and enjoy the experience.  Better yet, everyone in the picture will look great!

Over the years, David and Melissa have photographed hundreds of families and weddings.  I’ve included just a few examples of their work in this blog.  I’ve also included the work of  David and Melissa’s associate, Janet Jarchow.

David is especially great with weddings.  I personally think Melissa and Janet do stunning work capturing close family relationships.

Melissa Wolfe Photography




Janet Jarchow



Janet Jarchow Photographer

Granted, everyone in your group, especially the younger members, will probably be snapping pictures a plenty throughout your trip on their iPhones.  There’s something wonderful, however, and so much more special, about a beautiful portrait of the entire family framed in just the right way with just the right lighting and background.  Why not have both?

Whatever the occasion for your visit to Grand Cayman, even if it’s just the annual family vacation, I encourage you to give some serious thought to having David, Melissa, or Janet be a part of your trip.  You’ll have a priceless souvenir of your time together on the island.  Our guests who have used them rave about their work.

David Wolfe












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Rhonda Leavitt is co-owner of Grand Cayman Villas & Condos. She has been enjoying the beauty and fun of Grand Cayman for the last twenty years through family vacations with her four (now grown) children and her husband, Jim. She wants to share her knowledge of the island’s best with you!