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Breakfast at Over The Edge


Over The Edge  is a casual little restaurant on North Side Road in Old Man Bay, Grand Cayman.  They’re open every day and serve breakfast every morning between 8-11am.  The outdoor deck at The Edge overlooks the Caribbean and offers a relaxing setting.


Breakfast at Over The Edge, Flava Magazine

Breakfast at Over The Edge, Flava Magazine

The menu features all the classics, from French toast and pancakes to hearty bacon and eggs, but for a Caribbean twist try the callaloo omelet, served with toast and potatoes. Callaloo is known as the West Indian spinach – and it’s a winning mix. Another good bet is the ackee and codfish, Jamaica’s national dish. This hearty breakfast combines the fruit of the ackee tree, which looks and tastes like scrambled eggs, with sautéed cod, Scotch bonnet peppers, spices and tomatoes. Both ring in under $8. Pair it with coffee or ramp it up with a Bloody Mary, Caesar or Mimosa, also reasonably priced at $7.  ( +1 345-947-9568)



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Rhonda Leavitt

Rhonda Leavitt is co-owner of Grand Cayman Villas & Condos. She has been enjoying the beauty and fun of Grand Cayman for the last twenty years through family vacations with her four (now grown) children and her husband, Jim. She wants to share her knowledge of the island’s best with you!