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Cayman Castle Private Villa in the East End

Cayman Castle Private Villa in the East End

Many islands in the Caribbean have nice all-inclusive resorts, however, that’s the only thing offered.  One choice.  One contrived experience.   There’s also a question of safety if you want to leave the resort and explore the rest of the island.

One of the most amazing and wonderful things about visiting Grand Cayman is that you have a choice of how you wish to experience the island.

On the West Bay side of Cayman is Seven Mile Beach.  A short drive from the airport and the tourist hub of George Town, Seven Mile Beach is miles of pristine sand, beautiful crystal blue water, condos, shopping, and the most five-star restaurants in the Caribbean.

The North and East Sides of Grand Cayman, offer a quieter and more private experience while continuing to provide plenty of water activities as well as unique dining experiences.  Jet skis, paddle boards and petting the stingrays are all available on the North Side of the island, however, you won’t have to fight the traffic to get to dinner, or make sure you’re downstairs early to secure enough lounge chairs at the condo.

You can have your morning coffee sitting in your own lounge chair in your private villa and watch the sunrise all by your lonesome. Some of the most amazing scuba diving in the Caribbean may be found in the East End of Grand Cayman.  The dive masters at Ocean Frontiers and Tortuga Divers are professional and take great care of their guests.  You’ll see reef sharks, angel fish, tarpon, lion fish, turtles, and maybe even an eagle ray or two.   Many of the private villas have great snorkeling sights off their beaches.

Grand Cayman is a family friendly island that is easy to get to and offers something for everyone.  That is, the entire island of Grand Cayman, not just a small part of it!


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Rhonda Leavitt

Rhonda Leavitt is co-owner of Grand Cayman Villas & Condos. She has been enjoying the beauty and fun of Grand Cayman for the last twenty years through family vacations with her four (now grown) children and her husband, Jim. She wants to share her knowledge of the island’s best with you!