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Move Over Starbucks! Say Hello to Kaibo’s “Espresso”

Iced Coffee at "Espresso" the coffee shop at Kaibo Yacht Club

Iced Coffee at “Espresso” the coffee shop at Kaibo Yacht Club


Life is too short for bad coffee.

That’s the philosophy of the Kaibo Beach “Espresso.”  A cute little coffee shop located at the Kaibo Beach Yacht Club just a short distance from the Rum Point Beach Club in Cayman Kai.

They serve fantastic Columbian coffee that is sourced from a Fair Trade Coffee farming family in Colombia,roasted in the heart of Downtown Miami, then shipped directly to Grand Cayman within 24 hours. No pesticides are used in growing the coffee.

They offer mocha and peppermint coffees, lattes, and espresso, hot chocolate and white chocolates, and a selection of teas.

They also sell croissants, bagels, oatmeal, brownies, danish and frittata breakfast sandwiches.  Everything on their menu tastes wonderful.  Check out Kaibo Beach “Espresso” on Facebook for more information.

Fresh artisan single-source coffee..served on the beach.  Even our Grand Cayman Villas and Condos guests staying in the East End make the drive down the Queen’s Highway to grab a cup.  One of our little gems on the quiet side of the island.


Espresso is located at 585 Water Cay Road, North Side, Grand Cayman (1 345-947-9975) and open from 7am – 12 Noon daily

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