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Lionfish arrived in Grand Cayman in 2009.  Exotic and beautiful, the lion fish has an imposing fan of prickly venomous spines that aren’t fatal not fatal but extremely painful.   Hunting lionfish makes for great sport on Grand Cayman.  Lionfish also means great dining.

That’s because lionfish are absolutely delicious to eat. The white flaky meat is mild, delicate, tender and buttery. Cayman restaurants offer lion fish cooked in a variety of ways on their menus.  Lionfish is fresh off the divers’ spears every day and is always in season.

Lionfish is a healthy choice of fish as they are shown to have a higher concentration of heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, lower levels of saturated fats and lower levels of heavy metals such as mercury than other fish.

Eagle Rays in Grand Cayman’s East End serves the most amazing lionfish tacos you will ever eat as well as a lionfish ceviche appetizer.  Tukka, which is also located in the East End, serves a fabulous Sushi Sunday theme.  Lionfish sushi is one of the many sea delicacies offered as well as a lionfish ceviche appetizer.   The Rum Point Restaurant in Cayman Kai offers a blackened lionfish fillet entree that is fantastic.

The best lion fish tacos on the island are at Eagle Rays in East End.

The best lionfish tacos on the island are at Eagle Rays in East End.

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