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Snorkel Mask – The Fit Can Make Or Break Your Experience

Guests of Grand Cayman Villas and Condos often ask prior to their trip if they should bring their own mask, fins and snorkel or should they rent the equipment upon arrival.   Renting fins is easy and saves suitcase space, but owning a well-fitting mask that fits your face and doesn’t leak will make for a fantastic vacation.

Not every mask in the dive shop will be an option.   Mask skirts generally range from 4 1/2 – 5 inches in width betwITEM_204232een the temples, but they vary greatly in shape.

When trying on a mask, remove the strap or push it to the side. Water pressure is what seals the mask to your face, not strap pressure.

Hold the mask up to your face making sure your hair is out of the way.  Is there enough space between the skirt and the corners of the eyes? Also, does the mask rest comfortably under the mouth leaving room between skirt and lips.

With snorkel in your mouth, GENTLY suck in air through the mouth and let go of the mask (sucking too strong can distort the seal). Mask should be able to stay on the face for several seconds.

Adjust the strap to LIGHTLY hug the back of the head. Again, suck in air GENTLY through the nose. Mask should have a complete seal.

Be aware that local dive shops in the U.S. often only carry one or two brands of equipment.  Don’t be talked into a particular brand. Keep looking until you find the best fit. There is a difference!



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Rhonda Leavitt

Rhonda Leavitt is co-owner of Grand Cayman Villas & Condos. She has been enjoying the beauty and fun of Grand Cayman for the last twenty years through family vacations with her four (now grown) children and her husband, Jim. She wants to share her knowledge of the island’s best with you!