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Slack’em Charters

SlackemJon Arch at Slack’em Charters has been our preferred deep sea charter service for 2 years now based entirely on the reviews given by our guests. We have had many villa guests hire Jon to take them fishing. He consistently catches fish and always has a smile on his face. Many older captains on Grand Cayman have forgotten that they are in the entertainment/hospitality business first; then the fishing business second. Jon and his wife Stephanie run a family business for families who want to fish while on island.  Jon can do the long-haul overnight tuna trips as well; but he really focuses on trolling for wahoo, tuna and mahi-mahi within sight of land.

Jon owns a large sportfisherman called “Keepin’ it Reel” and though he is ported on the west coast; he will collect your party at either the Kaibo Yacht Club or the Rum Point pier to keep it easy for you. Should someone get seasick (it has happened before); Jon can always blast back to the dock to drop someone off..

I am actually scheduled to go with Jon on August 6th with some friends; so I will let you know how all goes. Fun is the first order of the day. If we catch fish; the boss will be happy as I will be grilling that night.