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Villa Rental Summer Specials!

During the summer months; from late May to mid-November; many of the Villas will offer special rates.

A few properties offer a free 7th day; a few offer a free 5th day; others a 10&, 20% or 25%  discount. It is just too difficult to keep a current page of them all; so our SEARCH AND BOOKING ENGINE does this work for you. When you search for specific dates; the engine calculates the all-inclusive rate with all special rates, lower occupancy credits and percentages taken into account. This way; you can compare all villas on a rate basis directly on the search results instead of going back and forth between villas to compare.

Many of our villas offer Last-Minute Special discounts as well. Some larger villas at 45 days; others at 30 and still another discount added within 15 days. We don’t advertise these last-minute special discounts; lest no one book the villas until last minute! They are there to fill out the calendar and offer the traveler who has an opportunity to come to Grand Cayman an incentive to book. Last-minute flights are sometimes more expensive; so this also has a way of evening things out for them!

All discounts are factored into the search results.