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Grand Cayman Yacht Club for Arrival/Departure Lunch

BarcadereMany of our visitors are looking for a nearby restaurant to the airport for a quick bite on arrival OR departure. Located directly across the long-term parking area from the airport is the Barcadere Marina with the Grand Cayman Yacht Club Restaurant. The restaurant not only has a beautiful indoor facility as well as a second story private dining/recception area; it has a POOL for the kids!  I have eaten here many times now and the food is wonderful. Managed by the chefs at Cimboco and The Cracked Conch; the quality is very good. IN the afternoon, when the sun goes behind the building; you can sit at one of the many outdoor tables in the shade; and be served while watching the boats enter and leave the harbor.

Some of our owners who keep their boats at the Barcadere marina will actually motor from the marina to the Kaibo Yacht Club across the north sound where family will pick them up to take them home!

If you have already turned in your rental car on day of departure; the Yacht CLub is only a 10 minute walk from the airport; if you have kept the car for driving around after check-in; you are literally only 2 minutes from the airport!